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MAFI News – December

Meet MAFI Asia
As a new company started a year ago, the four team members are all “young” irrespective of their age. They came from different industries and are professionals in different area.

Luke Lu
He joined in just three months ago as the Category Manager of MAFI Asia. Luke is specialized in product designing, PPAP sample and testing process and he is familiar with die-casting parts, plastic parts, sheet metal parts, spinning parts, and fasteners. Luke spent the first three months as a key player during the whole process of trouble shooting any deviations as well as the development of the new product family. Going forward, he is expected to continuously support the development of new product and the improvement of the existing product.

At home, Luke is a caring father who has a 1.5-years-old daughter. His wife enjoys making delicious desert which Luke likes to share a bit while feeding the girl baby.

Emma Zhang
Joined MAFI Asia in January 2020 as the Customer Service Representative. Emma is familiar with the operation in logistic, order management as well as import and export business and domestic sales and purchases.

Emma is married and the young couple lives very close to her parents, so they often visit them. She likes spending time in gym, sometimes she goes in AM and PM. She often shares healthy food and exercise experience with the team to help us to achieve a better life quality.

Jasmin Shen
She has more than 20 years’ experience as a financial and accounting profession in different industries including automotive, construction material, property management, electronics as well as audit services. She fit well the role as the Finance Controller to make sure each business transaction is under tracking and, ensure the safety of company assets as well as to manage the routine in the respect of MAFI company reporting and China tax and statutory reporting.

Jasmin has a daughter who is now studying abroad, due to the pandemic, they have not met each other almost a year. They often exchange their excitement about music through video communication and it keeps them close and they do not feel separated.

Andy Zhao
Andy is the VP of MAFI Asia responsible for sales, supply chain, quality in Asia region as well as looking after the operation of MAFI Asia which is a small office located in downtown Shanghai. The office is not only the “war room” of Mafi’s business center in Asia but also is a place where MAFI follows customer’s direction to provide long term solutions by extending our experience with passion and curiosity. He is sensible to the opportunity in the market, and capable to deal with the challenges too.

“A global company gives us opportunity to acess
the resources, products, market and professional people”

From left: Emma Zhang, Customer Service Representative, Andy Zhao, VP Asia,
Luke Lu, Category Mananger, Jasmin Shen, Finance Controller

Andy; Tell us about working in a global company, benefits and challenges, especially in times like this, when physical meetings are more or less impossible.

A global company gives us the opportunity to access the resources, products, market and professional people from international perspective which is more diversified and for sure is more advantaged than the local based company says Andy.

Year 2020 brought us with enough fear and frustration due to the crisis of pandemic but at the same time opportunities. Since we lost the freedom to travel at the beginning of this year, it became more and more difficult for us to deal with the global business. Face to face is for sure more effective than video or audio conference. Without sitting in a same room, without firm hands shake, without gesture language, trust may be lost, and misunderstanding may occur. In order to improve the efficiency of the conference call, the meeting participants are required to be more prepared and more engaged.

Instead of going to the traditional seminar, I and my team member were able to attend some “Webinar” in our respective professional background which are mostly free of charge.

Last but not least, our headquarter in Mora, Sweden created an on-line trade show called MAFI Academy Park which is a very creative idea. Asian team visited the on-line trade show with the direction of MAFI Sales manager through a video live meeting. It is a great tool to show MAFI´s product in a vivid way. It is going to be very useful for the customer to understand the installation background of MAFI products.

MAFI Academy Park, our outdoor showroom in Mora; Sweden, with MAFI products, what use can you have for it in your region?

The MAFI Academy Park is a great tool to show our products by 3D display in the realistic background rather than the virtual 2D photo which significantly improves the customer’s experience and saves the marketing cost. In our region, we can use it for multiple purpose. When we introduce MAFI as a new name to any potential customer, we can use the Academy Park show can quickly give them an idea about what MAFI does and where we are good at. We can also use the outdoor show for the any discussion regarding the product detail whenever it is with customer, supplier or within MAFI team. The Academy Park can also be used for the training of new employee. In general, the MAFI Academy Park is like a virtual window, through which we can selectively show the image, content and the value of MAFI.

A summary of 2020

The year has been challenging for the whole world as for the MAFI Group and still is.

However, this has also created innovation and reinforced the spirit in our company.
Our focus on the future is clearer than ever and we see opportunities around every corner.

I would like to express a big thank you to all our customers, partners; and last but not least to all the staff in MAFI Group.

Happy Holidays and a Happy New 2021 to You All!

Pierre Bengtsson, CEO MAFI Group

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MAFI News – September

MAFI 2415
Remedial Wall Bracket

Save time and money on site!
Introducing 2415, the remedial wall bracket from MAFI. This is a great example of how MAFI helps our customers to solve the problems they face in their every-day life.

The estimated total cost for taking down, re-designing and re-building a wall mounted telecom site is approximately 10,000 Euros including:

  • Scaffolding during the entire project
  • Removal and recycling of old material such as brackets, cabling etc
  • Design of new site (since there is no such thing as a like-for-like swap)
  • Building of new site
  • Costs for temporary traffic/public area deviations

The remedial wall bracket 2415 is a substantially lower investment from MAFI, it only requires a sky lift or one person in climbing gear to replace the existing wall mount.

It is also a much faster and safer way to upgrade a site instead of over plating the old wall mounts.

For more information please contact

MAFI 4060
Back-to-Back Radio Mount

This product is a portrait-style low profile back-to-back radio mount designed to fit a wide range of radio equipment hole patterns. Upper and lower arms are independent when using the U-bolts, making it possible to mount dissimilar radios on each side. Using the bushing nuts instead makes it easy to mount identical radios.

MAFI 1242
Universal Remote Radio Bracket

The Universal Remote Radio Bracket is developed to accomodate and combine remote radio units by several different vendors in a very economical solution. Visit for equipment hole patterns and also functional layout for attaching to C-rail system (below). For equipment with a horizontal c/c wider than 80 mm (3.15 in) an extra bracket is needed.

The key hole pattern on the bracket makes it easy to mount. All necessary bolts and channel nuts are included in the kit.

Sealtowers upgrade with MAFI products

We sat down with Tony Monda, CEO of Sealtowers to talk about the latest project Sealtowers and MAFI executed.

Can you please give us a brief background about projects that MAFI have been involved in and delivered material for?

– As of present we have completed three important projects with MAFI.
Two of these projects were focused towards adding capacity to our already existing tower sites. The other one was a new site.

Some solutions has been to your assistance?

The solutions offered have adequately addressed the needs we had especially in terms of our desired need of adding capacity.
Likewise we believe our own clients have been impressed with the installations provided from MAFI.

Can you present some example?

– We have an existing tower in Mombasa that was loaded on the top, MAFI supplied us with a novel tower extension solution that added capacity.

– Another example was adding more capacity to another existing site, the solution provided by MAFI allowed us to add capacity to the tower without affecting equipment and operations of our other clients using our tower.

– The last example MAFI delivered a rooftop solution for a new site we are building.
What was so interesting was we were able to complete installation in less than 24 hours. The solution offered compared to what other use doesn’t require us to drill or hack into the rooftop. MAFI needs to be commended for this design.

Why did you choose a MAFI’s solution/solutions?

MAFI was chosen out of an immediate need Sealtowers had, and also, we were looking towards getting a competent supplier for future and upcoming projects.

MAFI’s strengths in the projects? Can you please describe?

– MAFI has a more hands-on approach compared to other suppliers, when it comes to their solutions. We have noted that MAFI’s approach has been to conduct a joint site visit with Sealtowers rep, this is key and important for designing a more appropriate solution.

We have also noted that MAFI have fast knowledge and experience when it comes to telecom infrastructure. And for this they on the way to becoming a well trusted supplier in Africa. To date MAFI has been instrumental in assisting us in execution of our mentioned projects before or on time.

How do you see or estimate the expansion of the telecom infrastructure in the future in Kenya / Africa?

– Africa should be considered as the next frontier when it comes to demand for telecom infrastructure. Majority of the Telecos in Africa have on going and future plans to expand their network coverage, this translates in need for adequate infrastructure to address this need. The same is expected when rollout of 5G network begins in Africa.

MAFI R&D on design

We met up with Per Tägtström, Chief Technical Officer at MAFI to talk about product development.

What is the MAFI’s R&D department’s thoughts on design?

– Our products are designed to be of safe, reliable, easy to install with a high and consistent quality meeting the customer needs. During the product development process, every component is designed and optimized using FEA(Finite Element Analysis) techniques and the properties are further verified by physical testing in our laboratory and at external testing facilities.

About your work to reduce environmental impact, what material or materials are used and what parameters are important to consider?

– Our products are made of galvanized steel, which is a fully recyclable material with a, compared to other metals, such as Aluminum, a small CO2 footprint. Furthermore, galvanized steel is formable, available as high strength material, cost effective and offers, with a careful design, a very low PIM alternative.

MAFI is certified according to EN 1090, what is a CE marking and why is that important?

– Structural constructions, such as off-set brackets or platforms are required to be CE marked within EU according to EN 1090. MAFI is certified according to that standard, which means that we meet very high demands on competence, quality and traceability of our products. A CE marked product is guaranteed to comply with the quality requirements in EN 1090 and with the Declaration of Performance (DOP) we guarantee that the product is safe to use within the specification.1

Left picture: Joakim Hjort, designer is working on MAFI 2415 Remedial Wall Bracket.
Right picture: Andreas Axelsson, Designer and Per Tägtström, CTO.

The design and the cooperation with the customer, how does the process work?

– A good design is all about meeting the customer needs. Our products are always developed in close cooperation with our customers and refined from early designs with the assistance of customer feedback on concept ideas and prototypes. MAFI have started something that we call MAFI Academy, a way to visualize our solutions “ in real life”.

Interesting, MAFI Academy; in short, please describe the benefits and opportunities.

– The MAFI Academy is an opportunity for our customers that together with us at MAFI, learn more about site and product design and to find new solutions for the needs of the market. During the Covid-19 restrictions, MAFI Academy is available as webinars, but in the future, we will run seminars on site in Mora at our excellent outdoor exhibition area.

MAFI Academy

In MAFI Academy(MA), we train our customers thru our webinars in, CE marking, FEA-analyzes, how to choose the right bracket, loads on steel structures, to name a few things. MA is not only about teaching but also about getting feedback from our users. In our combined showroom and training facility, we can together with our customers develop new products and improve existing ones.

If you want to attend a webinar please contact following:

For Americas: Raphael de La Soujeole,

For Europe: Nigel Topp,

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3622 Family

High Torque Tower Leg Offset Family

Through a very fast development project together with a key customer, MAFI developed the 3622 family; a family of brackets where increased rotational slip resistance is required as often is the case during upgrade projects or technology roll outs. Antennas get larger and heavier, bringing higher vertical as well as horizontal load to the bracket and tower (or other parent member). Since there is no such thing as a like-for-like swap, conditions change and three new products are launched this summer that will facilitate antenna upgrades on circular tower legs from 40 to 139,7 mm (1,6-5,5*) with high rotational slip resistance capacities.

Buy here

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MAFI News – July

Connect (X) – the virtual version

Connect (X) is the leading fair for the 5G infrastructure in North America.
This year due to the global pandemic the fair was for the first time virtual.”We think that we succeeded at this year’s virtual Connect (X)”.
Ajdoan Muliqi, MAFI Sales Manager Americas, summarizes MAFI´s attendance at the virtual event. He is confident that the goal to reach as many visitors as possible was met.

”We attend up to seven fairs and events every year” Ajdoan says. ”For instance, in February, we participated at NATE in Raleigh, NC, just before everything was shut down.”

With the pandemic, turning the entire world upside down, all fairs and events have been canceled for understandable reasons.

Connect (X) is the leading fair for the 5G infrastructure in North America.
”We exhibited there last year and looked forward to doing so again,” Ajdoan continues. ”So, when the organizer announced that they were going to invest in a virtual event, we decided to participate as one of the exhibitors.”

The arrangement was organized so that the visitors started in the “Lounge” and then had different choices; you could visit an exhibit hall, a lecture, or a booth. Each booth had a live chat room, whereas visitors had a representative online.

”MAFI’s goal was to have as many leads as we would have had, attending the regular Connect (X) trade show.” Ajdonan says. ”I´m confident that we succeeded, and I´m happy that we participated in this year’s virtual Connect (X) All access.”

“In wake of the pandemic, there have been many similar virtual fairs. This is a phenomenon that is here to stay. I am convinced that this will complement physical fairs and events in the future,” Ajdoan concludes.Connect (X) All access at a glance

  • About 90 exhibiting companies
  • 4,500 vistiors

MAFI was represented by

  • Tony Lane, VP MAFI Inc
  • Ajdoan Muliqi, Sales Manager Americas
  • Raphael D La Soujeole, Design & Technical Sales
  • Catherine Roadcap, Sales Operations Manager
  • Chris Melvin, Sales

There is no such thing as a like-for-like swap or upgrade!
Demands on existing infrastructure will increase!

MAFI has recently developed the 3622 Family as an expansion fo the former MAFI 3611 Family.
Victor Bengtsson, Sales Manager Nordic and Baltic, was in the team that developed the new solution.

 Can you specify what you mean by upgrading?

”Yes, I can. The MAFI 3611 Family already has stable offset brackets that can handle up to 250 kg in load capacity, but they may have their limitations in torque resistance.”

This is due to the fact that older tower constructions often have one thin, solid tower leg. Since there is no such thing as a like-for-like swap, new antennas and radios will cause increased wind load, add more weight and stress the tower construction itself.

When the need for using the 3611 at thin and solid tower legs appeared in several markets, MAFI quickly decided to develop a simple and efficient upgrade that incorporates the same slim design as the 3611 family.Which are the differences between the 3622, 3623 and 3624?

”The 3622 gives you an extra clamp per offset arm, which provides you with a higher resisting torque than the 3611.”

”The 3623 gives you two extra clamps per offset arm, which means that you can mount an offset pole on solid tower legs of 40-60.3 mm.

” And the 3624, which is an extension kit, allows you to amplify the existing 3611 and create a 3622 or 3623.” (See product sheet).

What else is important to consider?

”When it comes to the 3623 and thin solid tower legs, 40-60.3 mm, it is important to remember, that the tower legs must be able to handle the load generated by the equipment on a single offset.”

Otherwise, MAFI has a solution where the tower legs can be connected with Join Plate Kits, MAFI 5320 and MAFI 5311.

”By doing this, we split the horizontal and vertical loads on two or more tower legs,” Victor says. ”We will help to calculate which forces are generated, but we cannot take responsibility if the mast and tower leg can handle these loads.”

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Victor Bengtsson or your responsible salesperson.MAFI 3611

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MAFI News – Focus UK

Remedial Wall Bracket – 2415

The new 2415 Remedial Wall Bracket enables you to strengthen an existing wall mounted pole that has been deemed unsuitable. Installation can be carried out while the existing pole and equipment is left in place.

The adjustable offset arm enables this solutionto work with most existing wall mounted assemblies.
For more information please contact

Fixed and Free-Standing rooftop solutions for
supporting all type of telecoms equipment.

MAFI 4120 – Roof Butler

Our new robust Free-Standing solution for supporting multiple Radio units.
Low cost, lightweight and three times higher overturn resistance,
compared to similar solutions. Installed by one person under 10 minutes.

 MAFI 2230

Adjustable Struts

 MAFI 4309

Free Stander Medium

 MAFI 4602

Free Standing Corner Mount

 MAFI 91101

Cabinet Platforms


Modular Free Standing Solutions

Using off-the-shelf MAFI products, we enable you to customize our Free Standers.
Please contact us to discuss your requirement

Bespoke 4602 Free Stander including
an additional upright support pole

Peace of mind with MAFI!

With increasing loads imposed by the new generation of telecoms equipment, it has never been more important to prove suitability of site infrastructure.

Through publishing performance data on every product, we enable our customers to check suitability of the MAFI steelwork they have specified in site design.
Data sheets, installation instructions, CAD blocks and structural design tools are available upon request.

All our products are CE marked to execution class 2. During the development process, each component is optimized using finite element analysis techniques
and proven with physical testing.

Finite Element Analysis of a Bracket

In partnership with our official UK distributor:
Graphicshow Cable Accessories (GCA) Ltd.



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MAFI goes virtual on Connect (X) 19th of May

Connect (X) is the leading 5G infrastructure event in North America.
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, WIA is canceling Connect (X) 2020 and going virtual!“It will be really interesting to be a part of Connect X´s first virtual exhibition. We are very excited about it” Tony Lane, VP MAFI Americas, says. We had a great show last year at Connect (X) in Orlando and we can’t wait to show the US market our virtual booth with 5G ready and TIA-222H compliant solutions.

Go to and register for free to visit the exhibition.

We are online between 9am and 4pm to guide you and answer questions about our products and solutions.>

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MAFI News – May

When doing an upgrade or a rip’n’replace

Remember that all MAFI single and double offset brackets have in-built modularity!
If the upgrade means mounting a heavier antenna, you can add a bracket to increase the load capacity with 50%.
Add a second bracket to increase the load capacity with 100%.

Please watch our video on YouTube, by clicking HERE!

Ajdoan Muliqi – New Sales Manager in the Americas

MAFI has recently hired Ajdoan Muliqi as Sales Manager Americas.
His tasks are to find new customers in the Americas and to increase
the market’s understanding of MAFI and its world-leading products.
Before joining MAFI, Ajdoan worked within the municipality of Mora.
”One of my positions was to coordinate and help newcomers to find jobs and make an entry into the Swedish society,” he says.
When he got the opportunity to work for MAFI, he didn’t hesitate.
”No, since it is a serious company with a strong brand. It also cares about its employees, and it is always moving forward.”
Now he is getting ready to move from Mora to Dallas, Texas, with his family.

”Yes, we are moving in the next couple of months. My wife is born and raised in Dallas, and she can’t wait to come back. Also, our kids are looking forward to moving there,” Ajdoan continues.
Now, he is looking forward to starting working.
”I was in Dallas at the end of December of 2019,” he says. ”I got to spend time with the team, which was very helpful and useful. They made me feel like one of them straight away.”
The new position involves some business traveling, which is something new to Ajdoan.
”But after talking to my family, and Tony in Dallas, we have found a balance with traveling as well.
Ajdoan is born in Kosovo, and he grew up in Mora, Sweden.
”And I am a dad of three beautiful children,” he says with a big smile. ”And I’m a big fan of sports.”

Nigel Topp goes to MAFI´s R&D

Nigel Topp, a long time co-worker at MAFI, has recently joined forces with the our R&D department.

Nigel, you have been working with MAFI for quite some time now.

”Yes, roughly since the stone age, when steel brackets were a real innovation. I started helping Pierre Bengtsson to develop the market in the UK and other EU countries in 2001.”

And now you are heading into the R&D department?

Yes, it just keeps getting better! I love that no matter how elegant and advanced our products get, there is always room for new ideas.”

What will be your main tasks?

”I will be the link between R&D and the outside world, supporting our global sales force with technical backup. I will also be heavily involved in our new MAFI Academy project, developing educational materials and tools for seminars and webinars.

What did you do before telecom?

”I’m a Civil and Structural Engineer, and my first job was as a site engineer at St Fergus Gas Terminal in Aberdeen, followed by bridge building, and building design in South Africa. I returned to the UK and continued designing buildings.”

And, when did you start working with telecom?

”I joined Mercury One-2-One in 1991 as a Lead Engineer, helping to “write the book” on how to design telecom sites. I moved to Switzerland as a National Design and Construction Manager in 1998 when Orange won a license to roll out a 2G network.”

Has your role changed during these years?

”It has! I’ve never really confined myself to a single role. In the early days, there were only about half a dozen of us, and we all multi-tasked. As well as doing technical sales, I have been an educator, product creator, software creator, marketer, design guru, proofreader, and coffee maker.”

And, what more would you like to share?

”Well, I´m originally from Aberdeen in Scotland and I’m married to Helen. We have three grown-up children. When the Orange rollout finished in Switzerland they weren’t yet grown up, but they had settled into life in Switzerland so well that we decided to stay.”

The symbol of Sweden origins from Dalarna

The Dala horse has become something of a symbol of Sweden. You can find it in many Swedish homes, and it’s also almost a must to buy for many tourists visiting Sweden.
And the origin is, well, Dalarna!

We humans have, at all times, depicted the horse. Our ancestors carved pictures of their faithful friend in the caves, and so it continued.
In the 18th century, forest workers in the villages around Mora began to carve horses to their children in their log cabins in the evenings, in the long hours after work. There, the precursor was born to the Dala horse of our time.

Eventually, during the 1830-is, the horses received floral designs, which we today call ”kurbits”. The horses became very popular and were sold from several villages around Mora and accompanied travelers around the country.
Since then, electrically powered machines have replaced some of the manual labor,

but it is also the only thing that has changed. The horses are still carved by quick fingers and get their characteristic painting by skilled hands.

If you visit Nusnäs, a village about a 15-minute drive south of Mora, you will find a living tradition where they have workshops and a wide variety of Dala horses and purchase one (or two) as a souvenir from Sweden.

Photo by Nils Olsson Dalahäst

MAFI adapted to the Covid-19 situation on day one!

MAFI has from day one of the Covid-19 outbreak thoroughly followed and adapted to local guidelines/legislation to ensure the health and safety on all our employees, customers and suppliers. Being a global company acting on local markets, MAFI remains able to deliver and fulfil all our customer orders and requests thanks to our strategy of keeping manufacturing close to our focus markets. During these circumstances MAFI employees avoid travelling and work based from home if anyone suspect they have the slightest cold, all to prevent spreading of eventual Covid-19. All meetings are conducted by conference calls, Skype or similar, to ensure public safety.

We thank you for your understanding



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MAFI News – March

MEET: MAFI Americas

MAFI´s office in Lewisville outside of Dallas has been up and running since beginning of November.
We meet up with the team in their office.“By opening a regional office and warehouse in US, MAFI takes next step in the journey to be the preferred strategic partner to market leader customers” initiate Tony Lane, VP MAFI Americas. He continues, “with MAFI Inc. we are now closer to our customers in the Americas than ever before. Giving our customers excellent day-to-day support, developing technical solutions based on local needs and reducing delivery time thanks to local suppliers. It will be a great journey for MAFI Americas and for MAFI Group” Tony ends.

What sets MAFI apart from other companies?

Tony Lane: It´s a small company that moves quickly and is flexible, still working with structure and well implemented processes. I have never seen that in any other company same size as MAFI.

Raphael de La Soujeole: Most of our competitors use very little pre-galvanized steel in their production. This means they need to hot dip everything. When MAFI uses pre galvanized steel in combination with FEA analysis on all components we can use material thinner than 3 mm and be 100% safe in the solution’s capacities. Here MAFI is unique in the American telecom market

What are MAFI´s greatest strengths?

Michelle Dartez: The atmosphere is very ambitious, and everyone seems to have each other’s back. You want to make progress, move the ball forward all the time.

Chris Reynolds: The ability to work with customers.

Catherine Roadcap: The good people. There can be needs out there for 5G equipment but if you don´t have good people to fulfill these needs it´s all for nothing. MAFI is growing really fast and to put together good people in all regions across the globe in such a short time is impressive.

Tony Lane: The company’s sustainability work is a unique advantage, this work is for real and not for showing off.

Raphael de La Soujeole: It is a high innovative company, always willing to do things differently and have a urge to come up with new types of solutions. MAFI is not afraid to be a thought leader and that is a real strength.

“To develop innovative and sustainable, high-quality products for the telecom industry has been our focus throughout the years and it has taken MAFI to where it is today. We now also look into broadening our scope of developing sustainable mounting solutions into to other industries, and that is a challenge we welcome” Tony ends.[blockquote text=””This shows that we are
a serious player in the US market”
will offer incredible potential for MAFI´s solutions.”” show_quote_icon=”yes”]

NATE UNITE 2020; a great success

This year NATE UNITE was held in Raleigh, North Carolina, US.
MAFI attended for the sixth time with a mix of people from the headquarter
in Sweden and from MAFI Americas.
At NATE Unite all the tower climbers, riggers and installers meet up to see and learn about the latest developments in their business.

“We caught a fantastic interest in the fact that all MAFI products follow the new classification TIA-222H (which currently is being implemented across the US) on all our solutions as well as all part included. This classification is originally meant for larger installations, although MAFI took the decision as early as 2013 to conduct a complete FEA analysis on everything from u-bolts, threaded rods to the complete solution before bringing them to the market. We think this puts MAFI in pole position on the US market since we help the designer in his/her work to design a sustainable and safe site solution”, says Tony Lane, VP MAFI Americas .

MAFI Group thanks all visitors at NATE Unite 2020 in Raleigh NC; see you next year in Memphis, Tennessee![blockquote text=”“We think this puts MAFI in
pole position on the US market“” show_quote_icon=”yes”]

MEET: Graham Knight, new Sales Manager UK

Have you been warmly welcomed?

Yes, I have received a very warm welcome from everyone at MAFI. My introduction week was a great experience, it gave me the chance to meet the team in Mora and understand our systems/processes. I have received very good support for starting my new role.

Who´s Graham Knight?

I have been selling communications infrastructure in UK telecoms market for the last 5 years. In my previous role I worked for a tower manufacturer and focused on selling telecoms accessories. This has provided me with good foundation of experience for coming to MAFI. Outside of work I spend most of my time looking after my son Henrikas, he is 3 years old and keeps me very busy! I also enjoy reading, films, technology and swimming.

What is your perception of MAFI?

There is a strong positive culture in MAFI. This creates a fun working environment where information is shared among colleagues to help drive the business forward. I feel that we are an ambitious and cohesive team working together to succeed.

Your role in MAFI?

As Sales Manager for the UK, I will be developing sales for our products across the UK market. This will be achieved through influencing the Operators, Infrastructure Owners, Vendors, Construction Companies and Design Consultants.

You’ve been in the headquarter located in Mora, Sweden, your first experience, what did you think?

Firstly, it’s a lovely part of the world and the area is rich with history. I was impressed to learn about the strong industries that thrive in Mora. Also, a big thanks to Niklas taking me to my first Ice Hockey game, I am officially a fan of the Mora Ice Hockey team!

The only 3-sector antenna mount utilizing double brackets.
Check it out!

MAFI adapted to the Covid-19 situation on day one!

MAFI has from day one of the Covid-19 outbreak thoroughly followed and adapted to local guidelines/legislation to ensure the health and safety on all our employees, customers and suppliers. Being a global company acting on local markets, MAFI remains able to deliver and fulfil all our customer orders and requests thanks to our strategy of keeping manufacturing close to our focus markets. During these circumstances MAFI employees avoid travelling and work based from home if anyone suspect they have the slightest cold, all to prevent spreading of eventual Covid-19. All meetings are conducted by conference calls, Skype or similar, to ensure public safety.

We thank you for your understanding


Have a look at our short clip about FEA.


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Pierre Bengtsson appointed CEO for MAFI GROUP

The board for MAFI Group has decided to appoint Pierre Bengtsson as acting CEO for the
company with immediate effect. Pierre is the main owner and board member in MAFI Group.
He was until September 2019, for a period of 20 years, the CEO for MAFI Group.​​​​​​​

 “MAFI is an international company that develops, designs and delivers mounting solutions mainly used within the telecom industry. MAFI is well acknowledged for its smart solutions, high delivery performance and overall competence. The board wants to secure the development of the company’s strategies and market position. With Pierre Bengtsson, MAFI gets an experienced leader with a high level of market knowledge and we are satisfied that he has chosen to accept the position as acting CEO” Kent Hansson, Chairman of the board MAFI Group says.

“The strong position of the company allows us to see a high demand from our large customers for our solutions during the harsh conditions the world finds itself in today. I have experienced similar volatility before and know that MAFI’s longstanding relations are the result of development, design and delivery of high-quality mounting solutions to our customers. We are grateful for our customers trust and I look forward to developing our different customer projects, Pierre Bengtsson, acting CEO MAFI Group continues.

“Mats Thörnqvist has during his short time at MAFI Group contributed to the company’s strengthened position and implemented several important internal processes. He has also, together with the management team, built a long-term strategy with clear focus. Since he has now chosen to end his employment due to personal reasons, the board wants to thank him for his efforts and wish him best of luck in his future career. MAFI is a financially strong company active in expanding markets. With Pierre as acting CEO we can secure the continuity and leadership to ensure the future development according to our plans”, Kent Hansson summarizes.


For further information 

Kent Hansson
Chairman of the board
+46 (0)70 284 43 48>