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This is why we never go halfway.
MAFI is an engineering company that creates, develops, designs, sells and delivers steel structure products. Our drive is to build long-term relationships built on trust, curiosity and hard work. Our passion is to explore new possibilities and give our clients less to worry about.

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Designed to last

During the product development process, every component is designed and optimised using Finite Element Analysis techniques. Prototypes are then physically tested and refined in our laboratory.

Our design checklist

Before any product release, we make sure every design follows these guidelines:

  • Full Eurocode and CE marking compliance
  • Optimise packaging, box dimensions and weight to ensure efficient storage and transport
  • Make the product as light as possible for easy handling on site

On time, every time

We work hard to earn your trust. By continually measuring and optimizing our performance, we have managed to reach an astounding delivery reliability of over 99%. That means equipment on site just-in-time, minimizing carrying cost and delays.

Cutting lead times

Recently, we moved to new, modern premises with a partially robotised logistics centre and plenty of room for the entire business under one single roof. This allows us to continue to grow and dramatically shorten lead times to develop new products. Also invest in new software, machines and highly qualified people.

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