Global leader in design and development of mounting solutions

With global presence MAFI Solutions increase your competitive edge

MAFI was founded in 1992 and is a global leader in design and development of mounting solutions. The companies core business is in the telecom industry and it has played a vital role through the years helping operators and vendors build thousands of telecom sites across the globe.

MAFI has as well entered the solar energy industry using the existing platform of R&D and supply chain. The company has presence in the Americas, Europe, Africa-Middle East and Asia.

MAFI is an R&D focused business holding several patents and is known for its short lead times, products with a market leading ‘value for money ratio’ and never to compromise on product quality. Owing to the company’s long history, MAFI understand the challenges and risks in site projects and help partners to overcome them.

Our 5G-ready portfolio consist of solutions such as radio brackets, antenna brackets, off set brackets, small cell solutions, roof top platforms and green field.

Our solar portfolio consist of products for pitched roofs.

Why choose MAFI?

We understand the challenges and complexity of mounting equipment such as within the telecom and solar industry. With over 30 years of experience and a global presence, we can support you with excellent product quality and short lead-times with less carbon footprint while maintaining safety and adhering to regulatory demands.


Adapting to your needs

By working close with customers in different markets, we can quickly and easily adapt our products to local needs as well as global, universal solutions.

Our R&D team’s design capabilities create multi-purpose use of our components with less weight that are easier to install.


MAFI reduces risk in site projects

By considering the following factors in product development.

  • Security & Safety
  • Regulatory
  • Aftermarket
  • Functionality

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    MAFI News Asia Edition

    Since the opening of MAFI’s Asia office in Shanghai in the fall of 2019, MAFI’s business in the Asia Pacific has been rapidly expanding.

    Owing to our excellent local team, each individual team member plays like a polygon warrior. Through systematic process assistance, the business can be handled by one person but multiple roles and functions.

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    MAFI News Americas Edition

    Busy days at NATE UNITE and Women at MAFI Group

    NATE UNITE in Las Vegas. Tony Lane, VP MAFI Inc, summarizes MAFI’s successes at the event. “The MAFI brand and the quality of our products were well recognized. We had well over 100 visitors to our booth, and the MAFI team was represented globally.”

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    ESICS; Calculate site wind-loads in 3 minutes flat!

    Calculate site wind-loads in 3 minutes flat! a game-changer in site design In every telecom roll-out or equipment upgrade, the total weight and wind load imposed on the supporting structure increases. Keeping sites safe and antennas pointing in the right direction is hugely important. The ability to perform quick and accurate structural calculations is crucial. What could

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