Why choose MAFI?

We understand the challenges and complexity of mounting equipment such as within the telecom and solar industry. With over 30 years of experience and a global presence, we can support you with excellent product quality and short lead-times with less carbon footprint while maintaining safety and adhering to regulatory demands.

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Adapting to your needs

By working close with customers in different markets, we can quickly and easily adapt our products to local needs as well as global, universal solutions.

Our R&D team’s design capabilities create multi-purpose use of our components with less weight that are easier to install.

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MAFI reduces risk in site projects
by considering the following factors in product development

  • Regulatory
  • Security & Safety
  • Functionality
  • Aftermarket

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We share our latest



Updated Free Standing Corner Mount

This freestanding structure, MAFI 4610, delivers robust rooftop equipment-pole, or poles, without the need to penetrate weatherproofing layers.Adjustable ballast-carrying cross beams enable the use of different sizes of concrete paving slabs depending on availability.The pole, or poles, can be kept vertical even when the surface is sloping up to 4°.The default pole size is Ø114.3 […]

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New Product family – Free Standing Corner Mount

Our updated Free Standing Corner Mount Family is soon to be launched.We are currently in the process of finalizing the last steps, which will be a more modular and flexible solution that are adapted to the market need. Some of the news is that several units can easily be combined according to the needs. This […]

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MAFI´s new symmetrical offset double clamp

MAFI´s new Symmetric Offset Double Clamp 3278 is designed to support two heavy antennas up to 1192 mm (47”) apart with double clamps to eliminate rotational slip even under asymmetrical loading. The 3278 has a maximum offset of 596 mm (23.46 in). The maximum offset between the two offset members are 1192 mm (46.93 in) […]

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