Everything we do at MAFI can be drilled down to four principles 

We aim for fossile free energy usage when it comes to our facilities and work environment. We have invested in environmental friendly heating and measure energy consumption in real-time. Furthermore, our company car fleet is being transferred from being conventional to becoming electrical or hybrid. 

In our product development we only use recyclable material. MAFI has chosen galvanized steel in front of aluminium (for example) since galvanized steel can be recycled repeatedly without limitation. Other materials (such as aluminium) looses its capacities when being recycled and has a limitation at around three to five repetitions.   


MAFI is a global company working on local markets. We treat our customers, suppliers and other stakeholders the same way. Each region, each market has its own characteristics and being MAFI we must understand this. For this reason MAFI has created four regions in order to keep us local on a global market. 

When being local on a global market, MAFI wants to reduce the environmental footprint through minimizing costly transports. Steelworks is heavy and bulky. With carefully selected production sites in almost every MAFI region, we manage to reduce the environmental footprint for ourselves and for society in general.

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