Adapting to your needs

MAFI Solutions meets the Challenges

  • Unique Digital Services (ESICS) combines site calculation, geo position and wind effects to deliver exact specifications for the mounting needs at each site (1. No human error, faster roll-out and the exactly right products with optimal weight, 2. Creates traceability for each project, to reduce costs for continues servicing of existing sites)

  • Engineering design capabilities creates multi-purpose-use of our components with less weight that are easier to install

  • Steel-based components with a high degree of smartness supports higher loads & reduces carbon footprint

  • Superior delivery performance ensure faster rollouts and improved project efficiency

All above reduces cost of ownership*

*(MAFI estimates a 25-30% cost reduction over a site’s lifetime)

Every product we design at MAFI is influenced by four principles.

We aim for fossil free energy usage when it comes to our facilities and work environment. We have invested in environmentally friendly heating, and we measure energy consumption in real-time. Furthermore, our company car fleet is being transferred from being conventional to becoming electric or hybrid. 

In our product development, we only use recyclable material. MAFI has chosen galvanized steel in preference to aluminum (for example) since galvanized steel can be recycled repeatedly without limitation. Other materials (such as aluminum) loses its capacities when being recycled and has a limitation of around three to five repetitions.   

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