Quality, Privacy & Enviroment

For MAFI, Quality, Environment stewardship, and Safety is in our DNA. We nurture these values by our working methodology and the quality of these values are assured by third parties according to ISO standards. We are proud that we have been able to develop and maintain our working methods for a long time.

We are certified to: ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and EN 1090. This means that we have the expertise, procedures and processes to CE-mark our products and this certification is a guarantee that the performance we promise is the one we deliver. Since July 2014, it is a legal requirement that all kits and parts used in steel and aluminum structures within the EU must be CE-marked.

During the product development process, every component is designed and optimized using Finite Element Analysis techniques. Prototypes are then physically tested and refined in our laboratory.

Our Quality Policy

MAFI always works to meet customer needs and expectations. We get customer satisfaction by:

  • Getting it right from the start
  • Having a high degree of reliability
  • Dealing positively with complaints and without delay
  • Meeting all government requirements
  • Working with continuous improvements

Our Privacy Policy

We at MAFI make every effort to protect your personal integrity, and we act following applicable data and data protection laws.

We register and store information in customer and supplier registers.

We process personal information, like name, email address and telephone number. The information is used to fulfill our agreement with you as a customer or a supplier.

We also use the personal information to distribute our newsletter.

We may also use the personal data to monitor the customer or supplier relationship, as well as post offers from MAFI. In the event that information is provided to us by e-mail, consent is given to the registration of personal data.

Our Environmental Policy

MAFI is working to reduce environmental impact by:

  • Continually improving our environment.
  • Sorting of waste within its own recycling center in the area. Recycling contract will be issued for the waste must be disposed of properly.
  • Shipments made in an environmentally sensitive manner.
  • Sorting of waste within its own recycling centre in the area. 
  • Using eco-labeled products.
  • Using the website and the Internet to distribute catalogs, price lists and other documents.
  • Optimizing our products and working methods.

Production and design are selected for life cycle thinking, functionality, quality, production methods, health and economy. To comply with environmental laws, regulations, and other requirements we see as a minimum requirement.

“We want to be able to say that
we did everything we could for our earth”