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Connect (X) – the virtual version

Connect (X) is the leading fair for the 5G infrastructure in North America.
This year due to the global pandemic the fair was for the first time virtual.”We think that we succeeded at this year’s virtual Connect (X)”.
Ajdoan Muliqi, MAFI Sales Manager Americas, summarizes MAFI´s attendance at the virtual event. He is confident that the goal to reach as many visitors as possible was met.

”We attend up to seven fairs and events every year” Ajdoan says. ”For instance, in February, we participated at NATE in Raleigh, NC, just before everything was shut down.”

With the pandemic, turning the entire world upside down, all fairs and events have been canceled for understandable reasons.

Connect (X) is the leading fair for the 5G infrastructure in North America.
”We exhibited there last year and looked forward to doing so again,” Ajdoan continues. ”So, when the organizer announced that they were going to invest in a virtual event, we decided to participate as one of the exhibitors.”

The arrangement was organized so that the visitors started in the “Lounge” and then had different choices; you could visit an exhibit hall, a lecture, or a booth. Each booth had a live chat room, whereas visitors had a representative online.

”MAFI’s goal was to have as many leads as we would have had, attending the regular Connect (X) trade show.” Ajdonan says. ”I´m confident that we succeeded, and I´m happy that we participated in this year’s virtual Connect (X) All access.”

“In wake of the pandemic, there have been many similar virtual fairs. This is a phenomenon that is here to stay. I am convinced that this will complement physical fairs and events in the future,” Ajdoan concludes.Connect (X) All access at a glance

MAFI was represented by

There is no such thing as a like-for-like swap or upgrade!
Demands on existing infrastructure will increase!

MAFI has recently developed the 3622 Family as an expansion fo the former MAFI 3611 Family.
Victor Bengtsson, Sales Manager Nordic and Baltic, was in the team that developed the new solution.

 Can you specify what you mean by upgrading?

”Yes, I can. The MAFI 3611 Family already has stable offset brackets that can handle up to 250 kg in load capacity, but they may have their limitations in torque resistance.”

This is due to the fact that older tower constructions often have one thin, solid tower leg. Since there is no such thing as a like-for-like swap, new antennas and radios will cause increased wind load, add more weight and stress the tower construction itself.

When the need for using the 3611 at thin and solid tower legs appeared in several markets, MAFI quickly decided to develop a simple and efficient upgrade that incorporates the same slim design as the 3611 family.Which are the differences between the 3622, 3623 and 3624?

”The 3622 gives you an extra clamp per offset arm, which provides you with a higher resisting torque than the 3611.”

”The 3623 gives you two extra clamps per offset arm, which means that you can mount an offset pole on solid tower legs of 40-60.3 mm.

” And the 3624, which is an extension kit, allows you to amplify the existing 3611 and create a 3622 or 3623.” (See product sheet).

What else is important to consider?

”When it comes to the 3623 and thin solid tower legs, 40-60.3 mm, it is important to remember, that the tower legs must be able to handle the load generated by the equipment on a single offset.”

Otherwise, MAFI has a solution where the tower legs can be connected with Join Plate Kits, MAFI 5320 and MAFI 5311.

”By doing this, we split the horizontal and vertical loads on two or more tower legs,” Victor says. ”We will help to calculate which forces are generated, but we cannot take responsibility if the mast and tower leg can handle these loads.”

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Victor Bengtsson or your responsible salesperson.MAFI 3611