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Remedial Wall Bracket – 2415

The new 2415 Remedial Wall Bracket enables you to strengthen an existing wall mounted pole that has been deemed unsuitable. Installation can be carried out while the existing pole and equipment is left in place.

The adjustable offset arm enables this solutionto work with most existing wall mounted assemblies.
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Fixed and Free-Standing rooftop solutions for
supporting all type of telecoms equipment.

MAFI 4120 – Roof Butler

Our new robust Free-Standing solution for supporting multiple Radio units.
Low cost, lightweight and three times higher overturn resistance,
compared to similar solutions. Installed by one person under 10 minutes.

 MAFI 2230

Adjustable Struts

 MAFI 4309

Free Stander Medium

 MAFI 4602

Free Standing Corner Mount

 MAFI 91101

Cabinet Platforms


Modular Free Standing Solutions

Using off-the-shelf MAFI products, we enable you to customize our Free Standers.
Please contact us to discuss your requirement

Bespoke 4602 Free Stander including
an additional upright support pole

Peace of mind with MAFI!

With increasing loads imposed by the new generation of telecoms equipment, it has never been more important to prove suitability of site infrastructure.

Through publishing performance data on every product, we enable our customers to check suitability of the MAFI steelwork they have specified in site design.
Data sheets, installation instructions, CAD blocks and structural design tools are available upon request.

All our products are CE marked to execution class 2. During the development process, each component is optimized using finite element analysis techniques
and proven with physical testing.

Finite Element Analysis of a Bracket

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Graphicshow Cable Accessories (GCA) Ltd.