MAFI reduces risks in site projects

For MAFI, Quality, Environment stewardship, and Safety is in our DNA.

We nurture these values by our working methodology and the quality of these values are assured by third parties according to ISO standards. We are proud that we have been able to develop and maintain our working methods for a long time.

We are certified to: ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and EN 1090. This means that we have the expertise, procedures and processes to CE-mark our products and this certification is a guarantee that the performance we promise is the one we deliver. Since July 2014, it is a legal requirement that all kits and parts used in steel and aluminum structures within the EU must be CE-marked.

During the product development process, every component is designed and optimized using Finite Element Analysis techniques. Prototypes are then physically tested and refined in our laboratory.

Security & Safety for the site is taken care of when using MAFI products

  • All products are FEA- analyzed (micro detail analyzed for strength), verified by mechanical testing, pre-calculated and have a performance setting for weight, wind load and rotational slip

  • Digital services (ESICS) avoids human error, optimises installations to position, wind and the equipment to be mounted = speed and safety

  • All offset products tested and verified for a man-load up to 160 kg

Aftermarket risks reduced

  • Correct specification prevent rotational slip in the original installation which reduces need for additional site service

  • Each site service visit involves climbing risks & costs

  • Longer lifetime due to high corrosion resistance

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