Why choose MAFI

The Challenges in Site Projects

  • More antennas

  • Larger antennas

  • Heavier antennas

  • More radios

  • More cabinets

All above will increase the complexity at each site… and do it quickly, at a lower cost with less carbon footprint while maintaining safety and adhering to regular demands.

Regulatory- MAFI’s exact specifications minimize risks

  • Reduced risk of overload on existing structures

  • No antennas losing the position, e.g. no need for risky and costly climbing

  • All calculations and specifications tested and verified

  • EN 1090 (EU) & TIA-222/5053 (US)

Improved functionality

  • Digitally calculated specifications for sites reduces risk for human error

  • Fewer parts with lower weight that arrives in a flat pack (some products are pre-assembled), and are easier to install

  • Universal mounting solution that fits more objects (e.g. fewer parts needed)

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