Wall bracket

If you need to mount an equipment pole on a wall, one of our many types of wall bracket solutions may be for you. Here at MAFI we deliver steel structure products of high quality to different sites all over the world. Through the years we have become large on the telecom market and are leading in Scandinavia.

When we develop a new product, such as a new type of wall bracket, we follow certain guidelines. We want the kit to be easy to assemble, and come with clear instructions. They are packed as small as possible for efficient storage and transport. And for easy handling we want to make the product as light as possible.

If you want to get ahead of your competitors, you are welcome to use our expertise to your advantage. Being able to assure the highest possible quality of our work and products is a given for us! Therefore, our quality policy is very straightforward. We want to get everything right from the start. After much hard work we have been able to get an extremely high degree of reliability, and we deal with complaints without delay. While all this happens, we continuously work on improving ourselves.

Making a wall bracket the right way

When we develop a new wall bracket, we want it to turn out perfectly. That’s why we oversee every single step in their making. We create, design and develop them, and manufacture and deliver them. Every component is optimised and the prototypes are tested and refined, we leave nothing to chance.

The Code of Conduct was established in 2002 by leading global companies. MAFI has worked according to this code since 2003. We do this because we find it important to ensure that basic human rights are met. This includes safe working standards and ethical standards. It also ensures a good environmental management. As a leading company that works on the global market, we see it as our responsibility to keep up these standards.

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Wall bracket

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