A mounting system for solar panels in the Nordics

30 years of experience developing leading telecom mounting solutions has been utilized in developing mounting solutions for Nordic solar installations. Our ambition is to offer a complete assortment of mounting solutions for all pitched roof types, starting with tile and trapezoidal sheet roofs.

Developed together with installers

  • One tool approach

  • Combined end and middle clamp

  • Safe cable routing inside the rail

  • FEA analyzed products

  • Designed for Nordic snow and windload

  • Made from Magnelis®

Our system for tile roof

  • Flexible mounting with Roof Tile Bracket into the batten or into the subroof and with features such as rail stop and a wide variety of slots to match panel clamping zone

  • Supporting bracket for high wind-pressure zones

  • A faster installation with our unique Speed Clip

  • The Solar Rail comes in two standard lengths with or without pre-mounted Joint Kit for a fast installation

Our system for trapezoidal sheet metal roof

  • Screw the Solar Rail directly on to the roof and use it for cable routing

  • Use the HEX Locker for easy installation with A2 screws

Using ESICS for snow and wind load calculations

  • Under development, features below to be added

  • Automatic detection of snow and wind zones

  • Wind calculation from 12 directions

  • PDF output with BOM, CC-distance for brackets, forces, visualization of panel design etc

Book a live demo (bookings available for summer 2022)

  • Have a live demo at your office with a MAFI Sales Manager

  • Fully equipped trailer with different roof types

  • On-site education for your installation teams

  • Contact (+46709179812)