Radio bracket

On the radio bracket market, MAFI will gladly help you to reach your goals. You can show that you have that little bit of extra compared to your competitors, because we can guarantee that you get the highest possible quality of the brackets you need. Our quality policy is very straightforward, because we simply want to get everything right from the start. Through hard work we have developed a very high degree of reliability. And we also like to deal with complaints without any unnecessary delay. You can trust us to live up to government requirements both when it comes to our products and how our work is done.

Here at MAFI we deliver steel structure products of high quality to different sites all over the world. Our products are very much our own, as we create and develop them, as well as manufacture and deliver them. Every component for the radio bracket is optimised and the prototypes are tested and refined, we leave nothing to chance.

Since we started in 1992, we have accumulated a lot of experience in our field. Our hard work on intelligent solutions and fast deliveries has paid off, and we can proudly say that we now play an important role on the telecom market. You are welcome to contact us about your radio bracket needs! We are happy to work with both small and large customers.

A radio bracket from a conscientious company

Since 2003 MAFI works according to the Code of Conduct that was established in 2002 by leading global companies. We do this because we find it important to ensure that basic human rights are met. This includes safe working standards, ethical standards and environmental management.

We make sure to take care about the environment in many ways. Among other methods we recycle and use eco-labelled products. You can read more about us at MAFI and our working methods when making your radio bracket at

Radio bracket

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