MAFI News – October (2)

MAFI launches 5G brackets

MAFI now launches a new series of brackets.
They are tailor-made for 5G.
”We have designed three different sizes of the new 5G antenna-brackets, Light, Medium and Heavy,” says Jan Fridén, Manager Business Unit MAFI Integrated Systems.
”Each size also comes in two different variants, with or without vertical tilt,” he continues, ”and they can all be tilted horizontally.”

With this range of brackets, it´s possible to find the most suitable size, that can carry weights up to 120 kilos (265 lb).
”We are very happy with this new product range which we have designed and constructed together with one of our customers,” Jan says. ”And the weight of the brackets is very low compared to other brackets on the market. All these brackets can also be utilized for passive antennas.”

The design of the new 5G brackets allows them to be manufactured very efficiently. Initially, they are being produced in Sweden, but as demand will grow throughout the world, they will also be fabricated at MAFI´s other production sites.The bracket comes in two versions, one with only azimuth adjustment possibility and one with both azimuth adjustment and vertical tilting possibility. The brackets are easy to assemble and install. There are three mounting options for the brackets, on a pole, to a wall or on a utility pole. To mount the brackets on a utility pole optional products are needed.

The Light bracket can handle units up to 30kg with a maximum tilt of ±30° and an azimuth adjustment of ±30°.
The Medium brackets can handle units up to 70kg with a maximum tilt of ±20° and an azimuth adjustment of ±30°.
And the Heavy brackets has a robust design and can handle units up to 120kg with a maximum tilt of ±20° and an azimuth of ±30°. It can be mounted on poles as well as walls.

Simon won MAFI´s photo competition

The winning picture in MAFI´s photo competition shows a broad selection of MAFI´s solutions, and the community that it serves.

Simon Repfennig is the lucky winner of MAFI´s photo competition.
We congratulate him for winning an iPad.
Simon, please tell us a little about yourself!
”I work as a project manager at Relacom in Gothenburg, Sweden. Usually with mobile coverage indoors, but sometimes I also provide outdoor solutions. I try to be on the field when possible, since it gives me a sense of how things are done, what is practical, what solutions work best and how fast it takes to install.”

What can you tell us about the winning photo?
”It´s taken on the roof on a high apartment building in a town a bit south of Gothenburg. And I chose it because it has a lot of different MAFI-solutions visible on it.”Why do you use MAFI´s solutions?
”Because MAFI has a lot of options when you look for the best solution on how to build a site. You can choose their ready-made packages and, or you can choose to order individual parts and make your own solutions. MAFI´s products are also very solid, secure and reliable.”

What will you do with the iPad that you won?
”Actually, I will give to someone as a present.”

New ”roof butler” presented at Ericsson´s event in Paris

MAFI was a part of Ericsson´s yearly event in Paris in October, held for their customers.
”We had a booth together with Sonepar,” says Andreas Persson, Key Account Manager at MAFI.
”This time we presented a new product,” he continues.
”We call it the ´roof butler´, a smart freestanding solution. It´s perfect for instance when you need to place one to four radios on a rooftop, then this product will do the job.”

The ´roof butler´will be delivered in quite a small box.
”At the installation, you´ll need to use a concrete block, that you easily install under the pole with the included steel bands to make sure that the ´butler´don´t tumble over,” Andreas continues. ”The concrete block can vary in size, so it will be easy to find one that fits, regardless of what market you are using it in.”

This ´roof butler´solution is still being finalised, and it will be presented more in detail in a later edition of MAFI News. A current estimate is that the product will be ready for delivery early next year.

Anton sends the right package at the right time to the right place

Anton Bälter is new as an employee at MAFI´s logistics centre in Mora, but he knows the drill since he´s been working summers there for six years.
Anton is a trained electrician but chose MAFI since he likes the colleagues, the workplace and the tasks. He has been employed since November the 1st.
”It can be challenging,” he continues, ”but so far we have been able to mount and send all orders in time, and with the right content in every box.”
On his free time, Anton likes to play golf.
”Yes, I do that a lot when I´m not working,” he says. ”At least during the golfing season. I like to play golf since it´s one of the few sports where you actually can compete against yourself.”
Playing almost every day, and participating in local competitions, has resulted in an impressive handicap of 11.8.

Joakim finds the smart solutions at MAFI

Joakim Hjort is reinforcing MAFI´s design team as from September. When asked what he brings to the table he answers: ”I´m easy to work with, focused on teamwork and creative when it comes to finding smart solutions.”

Joakim comes with a Bachelor of Science in Engineering from Luleå Technical University. First, he was thinking of being an architect, but working as a janitor for two years, he realised that he enjoyed dealing with technical equipment, so he reconsidered his choice.
Being born and raised in Mora, where MAFI has its head office, he did his bachelor thesis at MAFI, finishing this June.
”It was about how to reduce the amount of material in our products so they will weigh less,” he explains.

Currently, he is working with five-six different projects, both for MAFI Standard Solutions and for MAFI Integrated Solutions.
”Most of them are in a start-up phase, except one, which is a prototype that´s being evaluated.”
Joakim says that he appreciates MAFI since the company has a distinct strategy, and clear goals, which made it easy for him to start with his projects and know their directions.

When Joakim isn´t working, he likes to run, bike, ski, hike and to hunt. Actually, his done a half Ironman, and he´s aiming for the full Ironman in a few years.

(To complete an Ironman you need to swim 3.86 kilometres, cycle 180.2 kilometres and finally run a Marathon.)>