MAFI News – January

New stronger antenna offset for heavier loads

MAFI is launching its new large antenna offset, the MAFI 3117.
This solution derives from the MAFI 3115, a Z-bracket.The 3117 has two notable differences compared to the 3115:
1. The new 3117 is much stronger and can take a significantly heavier load, maximum 70 kilos (154 lbs).
2. It has a new hole pattern, so it fits with more antenna makes on the market. The hole pattern from the 3115 is kept, so it also fits with current and older antenna makes.
With this new solution, it´s also possible to mount a radio behind the antenna, which allows a tighter site design solution.
The MAFI 3117 is a universal solution that fits most major antenna suppliers products. This larger version of antenna offset can handle a wide range of tower and mast leg section.

Download the datasheet here (Pdf 550 kB):

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Carin Werkmästar – new Supply Chain Manager at MAFI:

”I will focus on quality as MAFI grows”

When a company is growing as fast as MAFI is,
it´s easy to focus more on sales than sourcing,” says Carin Werkmästar. She´s the company´s new Supply Chain Manager.

“One of my most important tasks will be overseeing our sourcing routines, to secure both volumes and quality.”

 Carin joined MAFI mid-January. Her latest employment was as purchase manager at FM Mattsson Mora Group. Before that, she has been in charge of purchasing and logistics in Aventis Pharma. Prior to Aventis she was in charge of logistics and customer support both in Wacker Kemi and Gerber Systems GmbH, all companies with global operations.
”As Supply Chain Manager at MAFI, I will be in charge of purchasing, logistics and our distribution centre,” Carin continues.

As MAFI continues to grow globally and also will expand into new market segments, management believes that focussing on sourcing issues will be increasingly important.
”My most important mission will be to build and reinforce the already solid routines MAFI has,” Carin says.
With her background, Carin thinks she can add experience from other industries, and a stronger structure which will be needed in the future.
”I hope I can participate in reaching our goals faster. I´m not an impatient person, but I like progress and to push on towards a set goal.”

So, why did Carin chose to join MAFI?
”It´s an exciting company! Still rather small, but already very global. And it seems to be quite determined on growing fast, which is something I like. I also appreciate the positive atmosphere in the company. It´s obvious that the staff likes what they´re doing.

Carin is born and raised in Rättvik, a small village just 30 minutes south of MAFI headquarters in Mora. She´s well travelled, and she knows three languages, besides Swedish. When she´s not working, she likes to spend time with her children and friends, to work out and to walk in the forests surrounding Rättvik, ”And I love to dance salsa!”[blockquote text=””It´s an exciting company! Still rather small, but already very global.
And it seems to be quite determined on growing fast, which is something I like“” show_quote_icon=”yes”]

Robert Lyttbacka – new COO:

”I will help building new establishments world-wide”

As from the 14th of January, Robert Lyttbacka is holding the new position of COO, Chief Operating Officer at MAFI.

”I will start my new assignment with focussing on new establishments in regions where we have a market presence.”

Since MAFI is growing further globally – and will continue doing so – the company has an increasing need of regional presence and new production sites. As COO Robert will partly support CEO Pierre Bengtsson, as well as oversee and accelerate the worldwide development of further global presence.
”Another important task I have is to expand MAFI´s business towards new segments since we mainly within telecom today,” he says.

Robert has a broad background from Elektroskandia Sweden, a company within Sonepar, where he´s worked ”with almost everything” for the better part of the last three decades. He has held positions as Key Account Manager and Sourcing Director.
”I started out at the warehouse and my last position was as Manager Business Segment Telecom,” he says. ”I have a wide network within the telecom business which I think will be useful in my new position. And I know MAFI since the 1990-is since they have been an increasingly important supplier to Elektroskandia.”
Robert is looking forward to implementing MAFI´s strategy to grow globally.
”The challenge will be doing this as efficiently as possible.”

After many years within a large distributions company, Robert is also looking forward to working in a tighter organisation with a flatter structure.
”In MAFI we are all basically at the same level, everyone is helping everyone else, and we are quick to make decisions.”
Robert lives in Örebro, where he will set up a new MAFI office, about a four-hour drive south of Mora. In his free time, he enjoys the company of his family, playing golf and go skiing. ”And of course to spend time at our country house. And to fix it, a never-ending project!”>