Updated Free Standing Corner Mount

This freestanding structure, MAFI 4610, delivers robust rooftop equipment-pole, or poles, without the need to penetrate weatherproofing layers.
Adjustable ballast-carrying cross beams enable the use of different sizes of concrete paving slabs depending on availability.
The pole, or poles, can be kept vertical even when the surface is sloping up to 4°.
The default pole size is Ø114.3 (4.5in) (designer to confirm length and section), but you can also specify Ø76.1 (3in) by using the product option U-bolt 2801-1.
The poles can be folded flat, facilitating both installation and maintenance.

The poles can be folded flat, facilitating both installation and maintenance.

Solar Energy –
MAFI Group´s new business area

Mounting systems for solar panels are developed according to the same standards as MAFI Group´s solutions for the telecom market.
“We have been working closely with one Swedish solar panel installer,” Nils Pettersson continues.
“With their industry experience, and with our know-how of making brackets, we have developed a fast-installed bracket for a tile roof.”
Designing mounting systems for solar panels has several requirements that are the same as for the telecom market.
“In both cases, an antenna or a solar panel needs to be safely and efficiently mounted. And in both cases, we have deep knowledge in calculating wind loads.”
The calculation tool ESICS will be launched shortly for MAFI’s telecom products. It will later be compatible with solar energy products. ESICS will facilitate fast and accurate calculations of solar sites, taking wind speed, snow load, and many other factors into consideration.

“As with our solutions for the telecom market, we provide both standard solutions, as well as tailormade products for special projects,” Nils Pettersson says. “And like our products for the telecom industry, we will provide quality and fast-installed products with few parts also for the solar energy industry.”

MAFI is entering a new industry, mounting systems for solar panels.
“Initially, we will develop products for the Nordic market,” says Account Manager Nils Pettersson.
“But since we are a global company, we can support solar companies anywhere
we operate with local solutions and short lead times.”

Left: Fredrik Rozén, Customer Satisfaction Director at Freebo, a supplier of solar panels in Sweden, and Nils Pettersson, Account Manager at MAFI Group.
Right: The solar panel mounting system supplied by MAFI Group. (Photo: Freebo.)

Learn about MAFI´s solutions in a 

live-stream event from MAFI Showroom

With MAFI Showroom MAFI´s solutions can be showed and explained in a live-stream event for viewers from anywhere in the world. MAFI staff demonstrates the products and the participant’s questions are answered. Current and potential customers will have sufficient information to purchase what they need, without the need of traveling.

MAFI Showroom and MAFI Outdoor Showroom are located in MAFI’s head office in Sweden. Outdoors, seven sites are ranging from utility poles, and wall mounts to sites with various freestanding solutions. The webinars are held in English, German, Spanish, Mandarin, Swedish and Albanian. 

If you would like to book a webinar, please contact the MAFI VP for your region:

Africa and Middle East: Jan Sandén, jan.sanden@mafigroup.com

Americas: Tony Lane, tony.lane@mafigroup.com

Asia: Andy Zhao, andy.zhao@mafigroup.com

Europe: Andreas Persson, andreas.persson@mafigroup.com


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