Pole mount bracket

When you need a good pole mount bracket, MAFI is the right place to look for one. MAFI has a strong presence on the telecom market. We have delivered steel structure products of high quality to different sites all over the world for a long time already. Since our start in 1992 we have delivered over 10 000 towers and antenna mounting equipment to more than 100 000 sites, which has given us a lot of meaningful experience. When making a pole mount bracket we want to make sure every step follows our high standards. That is why we not only develop our products, but also manufacture and deliver them. You are very welcome to contact us if you have any questions.

At MAFI we always want to become better at what we are doing, and we have already done a lot to reach our goals. On the site of our new modern premises we have invested in new equipment and excellent people. When we have everything need for producing the pole mount bracket in the same place, it means that we are able to shorten lead times for development of our products a lot. We have also worked on increasing our delivery reliability, which has been a great success.

A pole mount bracket based on experience

It is our job to help our customers reach higher with the knowledge we have accumulated through the years. With a quality policy that leaves nothing to be desired, we guarantee the highest possible quality of our pole mount bracket. We want to get everything right from the start, and have an extremely high degree of reliability. Our products are CE-marked and we have made sure to meet all government requirements.

MAFI cares about the environment too. We work to reduce negative impact on the environment, among other things, by recycling an using eco-friendly products. And we also adapt our working methods and consider the environment during shipments. Read more about how we work when making the pole mount bracket at mafi.se.

Pole mount bracket

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