New Product family – Free Standing Corner Mount

Our updated Free Standing Corner Mount Family is soon to be launched.

We are currently in the process of finalizing the last steps, which will be a more modular and flexible solution that are adapted to the market need.

Some of the news is that several units can easily be combined according to the needs.

This corner mount also offers a safe installation with folding pipe and adjustable supports.

In our next newsletter we will disclose everything about it.

“MAFI East Africa is well aligned for new demands”

“In a short time, we will have access to production capacity that will ensure delivery for our markets in East Africa,” says Jackshafton Mauti, new as Engineering and Sales Manager at MAFI East Africa, since February.

Jackshafton has had a full plate since day one. He’s handled everything from selling MAFI’s solutions to global telecom operators and tower companies operating in the region to further strengthening MAFI’s strategic position for the future.
In East Africa, the need for telecommunication capacity is growing at a breakneck pace. All major global OEM and Tower companies are present, and they deliver their solutions to Operators in the region.

MAFI East Africa is headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya, but operates throughout the region, and it has access to local manufacturing capacity for brackets and towers in Nairobi and neighboring countries. The manufacturer has invested in advanced CNC technology, and they will double their capacity in a couple of months’ time to meet MAFI´s demands.

“We can deliver most of
what’s needed to a site.”

Extensive roll-outs are underway in Kenya and neighboring countries, so MAFI’s products are bound to be in demand at thousands of sites.
“But we have much more than brackets to offer, Jackshafton emphasizes. We can deliver most of what’s needed to a site.”
Jackshafton says that one of the leading global telecom providers, with operations across large parts of Africa, is keen to extend its collaboration with MAFI.
“That’s why we will, among other things, arrange training seminars for their employees and customers,” says Jackshafton. “And that’s something I am preparing right now.”

He and MAFI’s vice president Jan Sandén in East Africa, want to see the present possibilities as an opportunity to grow, strengthen existing collaborations and develop new ones.
“I see my key role as re-engagement, get back in-tune with customers and heads of departments in enhancing solid relations of ten years with more accurate specification and low overall site cost quality brackets into the rollout “DNA.” A superior product to inject into the rollout “DNA”, he says.
“And we are well aligned to meet new demands envisaged in the region we cover.”
Jackshafton has a background as a Mechanical Engineer. He has furthered with a master of international business operations, and he has worked in the telecom industry for over 15 years.

“I have experience with project planning, support for design, acquisitions, sales, and pricing, both in Kenya and neighboring.
“During the last 10 years, I have had business interactions with the regional Vice President, and I have seen how MAFI, with impressive delivery guarantee and high quality of its products, has quickly grown. That is why I am now both proud and happy to be part of MAFI’s team.”

Learn about MAFI´s solutions in a 

live-stream event from MAFI Showroom

With MAFI Showroom MAFI´s solutions can be showed and explained in a live-stream event for viewers from anywhere in the world. MAFI staff demonstrates the products and the participant’s questions are answered. Current and potential customers will have sufficient information to purchase what they need, without the need of traveling.

MAFI Showroom and MAFI Outdoor Showroom are located in MAFI’s head office in Sweden. Outdoors, seven sites are ranging from utility poles, and wall mounts to sites with various freestanding solutions. The webinars are held in English, German, Spanish, Mandarin, Swedish and Albanian. 

If you would like to book a webinar, please contact the MAFI VP for your region:

Africa and Middle East: Jan Sandén,

Americas: Tony Lane,

Asia: Andy Zhao,

Europe: Andreas Persson,


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