MAFI´s new symmetrical offset double clamp

MAFI´s new Symmetric Offset Double Clamp 3278 is designed to support two heavy antennas up to 1192 mm (47”) apart with double clamps to eliminate rotational slip even under asymmetrical loading.

The 3278 has a maximum offset of 596 mm (23.46 in). The maximum offset between the two offset members are 1192 mm (46.93 in) respectively.
The hole pattern for 3278 is also suitable for option U-bolt kit 2867-1. This enables offset members to range up to 114.3 mm (4.5 in).
The 3278 has up to 1182 mm c/c pole spacing.
Its max weight is 300 kg (2 x 150 kg).

The MAFI US team –

Always doing what it takes

Chris Reynolds, Logistic Manager
Michelle Dartez, Office Manager
Raphael de La Soujeole, Design and Technical Sales

We continue to present the MAFI US team, working hard to satisfy the rapidly growing demand for our solutions.
Everyone in the team has special skills, but they can also dive into any task that currently needs attention, so they all have one or more “hats”, depending on what they do.

As MAFI US´s Logistics Manager, Chris Reynolds is wearing two hats, at least. One when he is in charge of our warehouse, shipping and receiving, equipment, safety, security, and local IT needs. And another as he manages our local efforts in kitting products.
“This year, kitting has faced an increased demand, which has required a lot of new faces,” he explains. “I´m responsible for all the extra employees we have in the office and the shift from stacking completed kits from Sweden to the logistics behind the US starting kitting in the US.”
Chris and his wife have two daughters that occasionally came to the office during the early pandemic for their remote learning. Chris is also our in-house Yelp; he knows the best restaurants in town as he has been to most of them.

Michelle – manages the office and the financial books
Office Manager Michelle is the bright light of the US team. Her welcoming attitude and free spirit make her the perfect person to manage the office and colleagues’ diverse group.
“As our Human Resources department, I help find and recruit personnel and coordinate all our employee resources,” Michelle says. “I am also responsible for the financial books, and I´m our audit liaison, managing any internal and external audits and certification requirements that must be met.”
Michelle loves Dia de Los Muertos skulls, flamingoes, baby Yoda, and anything with color and sparkle, which is a perfect reflection of her energy. Michelle also keeps everyone in the office well fed! She has four children with her husband Greg, two dogs, and two cats. It is no wonder she can manage everyone at the Houston office so well!

Raphael – from design to customer service
Raphael de La Soujeole is in charge of Design and Technical Sales.
“In a day, I go from my role as one of MAFI’s designers, talking about materials, products, and hole patterns, to being a customer services representative, attentive to installer’s questions about our products,” he says.
While Raphael has been busy creating new designs for the US telecom industry, he has additionally designed, sourced, and sold a new bracket in the transportation industry. The speed test was not official, but Raphael’s skills at kitting the 5024s are matchless.
Raphael is just as busy in his home life; he and his wife expect their fifth child.