MAFI News – December

New solutions for profile structures

”The customer needed a flexible solution to install different configurations on existing profile structures,” says Anna Borgny, designer at MAFI Standard Solutions.
These beam-profiles can, for example, be on rooftops or solid ground, and sometimes there is space underneath them, sometimes not, and therefore, MAFI has developed solutions so that equipment can be attached to all options without any impact on the structural beams, such as drilling or welding on site.
One solution consists of a ”foot”, i.e. a freestander, with a single pole on which you can mount radio equipment. This solution is part of what was previously the product MAFI 4309, a platform with an associated pole. This product has now been divided into two products, with two product numbers, so that the freestander platform (MAFI 4310) can be ordered separately, and the single pole (MAFI 4316) separately.

Another news about this solution is that MAFI has also developed a new product, adapter beams (MAFI 3022). These adapter beams can be attached in different ways, depending on whether there is space or not on the existing profiles. On the adapter beams, you can attach up to six cabinets, or you can choose to attach the single pole to it, on which you can mount radio equipment.
”These products are ready to order” says Anna, ”and they will be included in the MAFI´s next product catalogue.

Tony Lane at Vallen Distribution:

”We have been very excited to see MAFI´s growth in Northern America over the last couple of years, and also how our business together as partners are developing.”
Says Tony Lane, Key Account Manager for Ericsson North America at Vallen Distribution in Dallas, Texas, USA.

”At Vallen, we see ourselves as a solutions provider,” Tony continues. ”Distributing products is really just the end result of everything we do!”
As the key account manager for Ericsson North America Tony spends a lot of time communicating with the Ericsson team and making sure Vallen’s commitments towards the global telecom company are executed properly and advocating Ericsson within the Vallen sphere.
”But in a regular workday, you can find me sourcing new products, do some quoting, managing our vendors and even support the warehouse when they sometimes lag behind. So, it´s a fun job, doing all sorts of things!”

He has seen MAFI grow steadily in North America, and he suggests that there are several reasons for this.
”MAFI uses very innovative designs when they develop their solutions. Although they are made of galvanized steel, pound for pound they are structurally stronger than their aluminium competitors.”
”Also using new manufacturing techniques and high-quality materials allows MAFI to significantly shorten lead times, which in turn reduces the time from order inception to deployment. And, as we all know, time is an essential factor in this business!”[blockquote text=””Innovative design and manufacturing
have been key to MAFI´s success”” show_quote_icon=”yes”]

New micro ERS bracket

MAFI has designed a new micro ERS bracket with vertical and azimuth tilt.

The bracket (MAFI 1241) was initially designed on demand for one of MAFI´s customers but is now available to order on all markets. It allows smooth and easy installation for Micro ERS units and allows both vertical and azimuth adjustment.

There are three mounting options for the brackets, on a pole, to a wall or on a utility pole. Steel band kit for utility pole mounting is included in the package. The usage of high strength steel allows for a very robust, yet lightweight design.
The brackets can handle units up to 10 kg with a maximum tilt of 45° and an azimuth adjustment of ±30°.

Instructive seminar at MAFI

On the 21st of November, MAFI held a seminar and a workshop in their headquarters in Mora. Attendants were 17 representatives from Telia, Netel and Relacom.
”It was a very instructive day,” says Lise-Lott Engvall, who is Hardware Manager at Telia.

One of the main events was when Jonas Wassdahl, Senior Advisor at MAFI, held a seminar on materials mechanics and solidity. This subject is a current topic since telecom equipment that is going to be mounted in the future will grow increasingly heavy.
”Jonas showed us how MAFI makes their calculations,” says Joakim Anagrius, Controller at Netel, and working closely with Telia. ”We don´t do these calculations ourselves, so it was rather useful for us, and it helps us understand what is vital for us to bear in mind when we work with these products in the future.”
”For us too, it was useful to go in-depth on what we need to consider since the future antennas will be much bigger,” says Lise-Lott. ”And it was especially exciting when MAFI showed us a new Z-bracket since we´ve taken part in developing it!
”All in all it was a rewarding day,” Joakim concludes. ”We learned a lot, and the treatment from MAFI´s side was very nice.”>