MAFI Group appoints new CEO 

Pierre Bengtsson, the majority owner and current CEO of MAFI Group has decided to focus on his role as board member.
The board has appointed Mats Thörnqvist to take over the CEO role. 

 From its start in 1992, MAFI Group has grown from a small, local, company into a global enterprise. The company is now taking the next step in its continued expansion on the global market. 

 “I am very pleased to present Mats Thörnqvist as the new CEO,” comments Kent Hansson, chairman of the board. “Mats is a skillful leader and has showed deep understanding of how to nurture growth and development in an international, technical operation during his previous management roles.”

Mats has held various senior management positions in Scania and, since 2014, has been living in São Paulo. There, he was a key person in the industrialization and production planning of Scania’s new truck program in Brazil. He is an engineering graduate and will be setting up home in Mora with his family. Mats will start his service no later than October 15, 2019. 

“I feel honored to be taking over from Pierre as CEO and leading one of the most exciting companies in this sector. We are facing a journey with many challenges. Working with my colleagues in MAFI Group, I am looking forward to creating innovative and sustainable solutions,” reveals Mats. 

“As the company’s chairman, I would like to thank Pierre for having literally devoted 20 years of his life to developing MAFI Group into what it is today. We now sell our products globally and have operations in four parts of the world. Pierre laid the foundations for the journey the company is to continue with Mats in charge. I’m looking very much forward to continuing to work with Pierre on the board,” concludes Kent. 

For further information 

Kent Hansson
+46 (0)70 284 43 48

In-depth interviews with Pierre and Mats can be read at Mats Thörnqvist, new CEO of MAFI Group