Pierre Bengtsson appointed CEO for MAFI GROUP

The board for MAFI Group has decided to appoint Pierre Bengtsson as acting CEO for the
company with immediate effect. Pierre is the main owner and board member in MAFI Group.
He was until September 2019, for a period of 20 years, the CEO for MAFI Group.​​​​​​​

 “MAFI is an international company that develops, designs and delivers mounting solutions mainly used within the telecom industry. MAFI is well acknowledged for its smart solutions, high delivery performance and overall competence. The board wants to secure the development of the company’s strategies and market position. With Pierre Bengtsson, MAFI gets an experienced leader with a high level of market knowledge and we are satisfied that he has chosen to accept the position as acting CEO” Kent Hansson, Chairman of the board MAFI Group says.

“The strong position of the company allows us to see a high demand from our large customers for our solutions during the harsh conditions the world finds itself in today. I have experienced similar volatility before and know that MAFI’s longstanding relations are the result of development, design and delivery of high-quality mounting solutions to our customers. We are grateful for our customers trust and I look forward to developing our different customer projects, Pierre Bengtsson, acting CEO MAFI Group continues.

“Mats Thörnqvist has during his short time at MAFI Group contributed to the company’s strengthened position and implemented several important internal processes. He has also, together with the management team, built a long-term strategy with clear focus. Since he has now chosen to end his employment due to personal reasons, the board wants to thank him for his efforts and wish him best of luck in his future career. MAFI is a financially strong company active in expanding markets. With Pierre as acting CEO we can secure the continuity and leadership to ensure the future development according to our plans”, Kent Hansson summarizes.


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Kent Hansson
Chairman of the board
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