MAFI News – April 2018

MAFI opens a one‐stop‐shop in East Africa

Within a few weeks, MAFI will open a warehouse and a sales office in Nairobi, Kenya. For this purpose, MAFi has registered the company, MAFI East Africa. The office is centrally located in Nairobi, while the warehouse is close to the new railway station, the international airport and the road to the port of Mombasa.
”The warehouse has a very strategic position given that it will serve as a hub for MAFI products throughout the region,” Samuel continues. ”We see that countries like Uganda, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Zambia and Rwanda have the same needs as Kenya.”

To execute fast deliveries, standard products are shipped from Sweden to the warehouse in Nairobi. In the long term, components will be sent from where they are manufactured to Kenya for local assembly. And in the longer term, domestic production can be considered.
MAFI has been working to establish itself in the region for a while.

”But local presence and fast deliveries are the keys to success. We will, therefore, build an organisation with local staff led by Jan Sandén.”

Already in demand from this market are products for mounting radio antennas and other equipment on the masts and towers, as well as freestanding solutions.
”MAFI East Africa will also be a dealer for Elektroskandia China’s entire product portfolio for the telecom segment,” Samuel reveals. ”Together we create a one-stop-shop where our customers can solve all their needs to install and mount a mobile site.”Contact

KMA Apartments, Chyulu rdBlock E Apartment No. 0.1Upper Hill Nairobi Two.
P. O. Box 23140-00100, Nairobi, Kenya.
Main switch board +254 20 4407117.


Katko complex LR No 14977, Unit 32.
Mombasa Rd, Nairobi, Kenya.

Jan Sandén:
Phone: +254 727 564269, +254 777 564269.

”We will live up to high expectations”

Jan Sandén will take charge of MAFI East Africa’s operations.
”The market can expect quality products, fast deliveries, flexible solutions and technical support,” he explains.
“MAFI lives up to high expectations worldwide. We’ll do here as well!
Since 2013, he has been working on business development and sales in the sub-Saharan market of Elektroskandia.

My overall task within MAFI East Africa is to market and sell MAFI´s and Elektroskandia´s products on the local markets,” he says. ”Through our local presence, our solutions will be exciting to all actors within the telecom segment. We can deliver the right solutions to the expansion of existing networks, but also to 4G which is in rapid growth in most countries in the region.”
MAFI will contact customer segments which it considers to benefit from the company’s solutions.
”We are already in touch with leading mobile providers and tower companies,” says Jan. ”But we will also contact system suppliers like Nokia and Huawei, contractors and builders, just to mention a few possible clients.”

MAFI at Elektroskandia´s telecom day

At Elektroskandia´s yearly telecom day in Stockholm in March, MAFI was one of 22 companies that showcased their solutions.
”We had many visitors,” says Samuel Enqvist, Sales & Market Manager at MAFI. ”Most of them we knew, but as always we also made some new and interesting acquaintances. All in all it was a great day to catch up and to talk some shop!”
A logical solution
”What´s new from MAFI?”
Anders Borg, Head of Site Services & Aftermarket Services, and Victor Mount, Global Supplier Relationship Manager, both from Ericsson, were both curious about what news MAFI might have.
And although the freestanding corner pole, MAFI 4600, that was displayed isn´t quite new, it was the first time Victor Mount saw it.
”It´s very interesting,” he says, ”and it seems to be a very logical solution.”
”Its advantages are that it’s easy and fast to mount and that it can withstand quite high windload,” Anders Borg concludes. ”This is an important feature since we want to be able to mount as much equipment on it as possible.”

MAFI´s Samuel Enqvist (left) talking to
Victor Mount and Anders Borg, both Ericsson.


Fastest in the industry
”Personally, what I like most about MAFI, is the speed with which they execute an order. They are the fastest in the industry! If I make an order one day, I usually have what I need the next day.”
Marco Nikkanen is a project manager at Relacom and is currently building sites for Telia in the Stockholm area.
”When I get a purchase order from Telia, and we need a bracket solution, I order them from MAFI, who is one of our main suppliers. If I need to solve something else, and I´m not sure how to do it in the best way, I usually call Victor and together we find the best solution.”

Marco Nikkanen, project manager at Relacom.


Interesting and enlightening
”I´m usually at my office, so it´s nice to be here and to see the products we´re using.”
Anders Nordenson, Implementation Manager at Ericsson, is currently working with the roll-out of one of Ericsson’s networks.
”This is interesting and enlightening,” he continues. And it´s also exciting to discuss how we could develop attachment methods from an environmental point of view, on which there´s a growing focus these days.”
Anders Nordenson visited the fair with his colleague Ola Gustafson, who is working on the Sunab network.
”I´ve been installing a lot of equipment with MAFI´s solution for the last 15 years. And I´ve seen a constant development of their products, which I think is very positive.”

MAFI´s Jan Fridén with Anders Nordenson and
Ola Gustafson, both Ericsson.


I like MAFI´s solutions
Rasmus Mikaelsson is CEO of Inframix, a company with about 40 employees and with projects all over northern Sweden.
”Currently we are bidding on a project building links for fibre,” he explains. ”And in that context, we need wall mounts for radio transmitters. I came across MAFI´s solutions, and I like them. I also feel that I´m getting all the information that I need to make a well-founded decision. I hope that we can proceed with this project within a month.”

Rasmus Mikaelsson, CEO Inframix.


They actually listen
”Generally MAFI makes products that are unfaltering and of high quality,” says Robert Budai at Dala mast och mobilinstallationer AB. Currently, his company is building and upgrading sites in the south of Sweden.
”That said, I am a bit hesitative about some solutions that can be difficult to mount efficiently. I just told my views on this to MAFI´s reps, and I think they listened responsively. And that is also a typical MAFI feature; they actually listen to their customer’s views and take action on the feedback they receive.”

Mats Bergström, CEO GMI, and Robert Budai, Dala Mast
och Mobilinstallationer AB.


Internet of things
”We are building a network for ´the Internet of things´ in Sweden with Sigfox´s solutions.”
Lars Lindmark is the Chief of Sales Operations at IoT Sweden, the company that´s building Sigfox´s network, Sigfox being one of the worlds major providers of the Internet of things.
”I´ve been buying products from MAFI earlier,” Lars Lindmark says, ”and I thought it would be nice to meet MAFI´s reps since I´ve haven´t before.”
At the moment Lars Lindmark is buying what he calls ”MAFI feet”, i.e. MAFI 4112, which is a rooftop single based free-standing solution.
”I like to use MAFI´s products since they are robust and I get fast service.”

Lars Lindmark, COS at IoT Sweden.