MAFI News – June 2018

A new adaptor for efficient mounting

With this adaptor, its now easy to effectively mount two Huawei radios back to back together with MAFI brackets.
This provides a compact and slim solution, for example, “radio behind the antenna”.

MAFI 1250 can be ordered from the end of June for global deliveries.

Doctor of Materials Chemistry becomes new Technical Manager at MAFI

Cross-border work. Short decision-making and lead times and new challenges.
These were some of the reasons why Per Tägtström chose to take the job as Technical Manager at MAFI.
Per started at the MAFI in early May. He is a PhD in Materials Chemistry and has previously worked mainly with product and process development at SSAB in Borlänge.
”My interest in material chemistry arose during school,” he says. ”When I started studying at Uppsala University, I stuck to the subject. It is exciting and challenging while it is fun and interesting.”

Per believes that the best thing about his job is to see the link between idea and finished product, to have a vision of something and to work to fulfil it.
”I have mainly been in companies that have thousands of employees and MAFI a few dozens, and just this, coming to a smaller, highly specialised company, was something that attracted me,” Per says.
”At MAFI the lead-time from a formulated need, through CAD sketches and prototypes to finished product, is significantly shorter than what I am used to. I look forward to being a part of this faster process.

Per´s overall task will be to ensure that MAFI retains the excellent quality of its product development as the company grows.
”MAFI’s design team, Andreas Axelsson, Anna Borgny and my predecessor Jonas Wassdahl, have done and does a great job,” he continues. ”Now, among other things, we will develop material use, where I can contribute with knowledge about metallic materials.”
Per also stresses the importance of continually focusing on customer benefit, something he brings from SSAB.
”MAFI will help its customers to become more competitive and is at the forefront of solution-based sales and customisation.”

Forced to highlight three positive qualities of himself, he chooses responsive, prestigeless and sociable.
”And results driven,” he adds. ”If that´s a property.”
In his spare time, Per is very committed to the local swim club of which he is chairman.

Business as usual in June, July and August

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