MAFI News – Sept 2017

The 2018 catalogue
is here

– Never before have we had such an exciting
and appealing range of equipment for both city
as greenfield sites as we have now, says
Samuel Enqvist, Sales and Market Manager.
The new catalogue is 128 pages thick, and several new solutions are presented in it, as our success seller, the Multi ERS bracket (6023).
– Despite having more pages than ever, it is easily navigated due to a perspicuous index, Samuel ensures.

The products in the new catalogue are divided into four categories:
• Supports and brackets
• Freestanding solutions
• Wall mount solutions
• Accessories
As usual, most items are described over several pages with lots of useful facts and details.
The 2018 edition of the catalogue is available both as a PDF and in a printed version.
– Despite our digitalized age many of our customers still prefer a printed copy of MAFI´s catalogue. And we are of course happy to provide one, Samuel concludes.

Download the PDF, click here.

Order the printed version here

MAFI celebrated its 25 years anniversary

In the first weekend of September, MAFI celebrated it´s 25 years anniversary.
115 guests contributed to making the event a huge success.The festivities started already on Friday when a group of guests, who had arrived early, was invited to a tour around lake Siljan. One favorite stop was at the factory where the famous Dala horse is made, still mainly by hand.

In the evening there was a dinner in Mora.

On Saturday all guests, from the UK, Finland, Kenya, China, India, and Sweden, were invited to MAFI´s old premises for lunch. From there they all were transported by buses to the brand new warehouse, twice as large as the previous one, just a bit north of Mora. Here they were divided into smaller groups and shown every aspect of how MAFI works.Then it was time for a biathlon competition! Yes, you read correctly! This included skiing (on a plastic course and grass!) and target shooting with laser guns. For most visitors skiing was a novelty, but everyone participated with great enthusiasm.

Saturday evening it was time for a gala supper. A wonderful three-course dinner was served, speeches were held, and a talented four man band (including a female singer) played a broad variety of music.

On Sunday morning, after breakfast, it was time to part. But MAFI will certainly invite its friends, partners, and customers to another event shortly!

Emma – new at the warehouse

Emma is 29 years old, born in Malung in northern Dalarna, and a trained butcher. But after a few years in that line of work, she wanted to something else.

“I like to learn new things, and it’s remarkably much to get into when you´re new at MAFI:s warehouse,” she says with a laugh.
– But all my new colleagues are very helpful, so I hope to be able to perform my duties as expected soon.
Emma sees herself as a cheerful person.

“What I think I can add to the MAFI is my positive attitude, and that I’m stubborn and I don´t back off from a challenge.
Emma has two cats, she´s into motor sports, and in her spare time she drives a motocross bike in the summer and a snow mobile in the winter.In mid-August, Emma Haltorp started working at MAFI’s warehouse. “I wanted to try something new, I like challenges and learning new things, and those who work at MAFI seem to be very nice.
That´s her answer to the question ”why MAFI”.

Tough challenge awaits Mora IK

”It will be fun to measure our forces with Sweden’s major clubs. Perhaps we may surprise sometimes.”Peter Hermodsson, MIK’s club director, is hoping for a successful ice-hockey season.

This spring, Mora IK joined Sweden’s highest ice hockey series, SHL. Now the newcomer can expect a tough season.”We have several goals, but officially we’re just saying we want to establish ourselves in SHL,” says Peter. ”The first year will be toughest, partly because we have not been able to build the same conditions as the established clubs, which includes our economy. Partly because in a short time we have had to strengthen both the club’s organization while still building and strengthening our team.”

Many reasons explain why MIK managed to make it to SHL, Peter says:
• The club laid out a clear strategy for the game idea three years ago and adhered to it. This means, among other things, a fast hockey and a lot of work on the ice.
• The club managed to get the right players in the right place. And players with an attitude that fits the game idea. Players get a lot of freedom under responsibility. Individual player development.
• The club’s talented staff.
• A coach desk that pulls in the same direction and creates a good atmosphere.
• Strong support from audiences, fans, and sponsors.

”I think we also have an incredibly strong hockey culture in Mora,” continues Peter. We work well together, with great pleasure. And the players play for the club, the community, and the village.
Peter believes that it means extremely much for Mora that MIK now plays in the highest division.”We put our city on the map every match day, two to three times a week,” he says. ”And besides generating more revenue, we also create pride for our society. At the same time, it represents an excellent exposure for our partners and the business community.”
Many teams who manage to enter SHL’s “hornet’s nest” usually fall out after the first season.

“We are aware of the challenge. But we will continue to play according to our success recipe. And we believe in our game idea, our commitment, and our culture.

“Everyone expects us to lose,” he adds with a laugh. But it only spurs us even more!

MAFI AB, a sponsor of MIK, wishes the club good luck!>