MAFI News – Dec 2017

Robin always finds a solution together with MAFI

Robin is the CEO and owner of Götalands El & Telecom. It´s based in Jönköping in southern Sweden and operates over large parts of the country.
And he should know. About ten years ago he started his career mounting and doing service work within telecom. Five years later he had his own company and six employees, and today they are 18. ”The credit to our growth goes to my excellent employees,” Robin emphasises. ”They are all reliable and work as a team!”

Götalands El & Telecom mainly replace old equipment with new frequency and technologies ”That´s what we have been doing for some weeks here in the Falun-Borlänge area for Hi3G.” Robin has team’s of three employees, and one team usually rebuilds two sites a week. Other customers they have are Telia and Net1. ”Most assignments we get from bigger companies,” Robin continues, ”but some work we do directly with the operator, Such as Net1, which is our ”own” client.” Robin buys most of the brackets, freestanding solutions and other related equipment he needs from MAFI.
”What I like about MAFI´s products is that they can be assembled quickly. And it´s a fact that once they are in place, you know they stay there, that´s nothing you even need to have a second thought about. My clients want safe solutions, and when I write my tender, I specify MAFI´s solutions, which is both appreciated and accepted.”[blockquote text=””Together with MAFI, we found another solution that works just as well.”
Robin Larsson, CEO Götalands El & Telecom” show_quote_icon=”yes”]Mostly Robin orders the MAFI´s equipment via Elektroskandia, and delivery usually takes one day. ”I also like that MAFI responds quickly when we have a question,” he says. ”For instance, for us, it´s hard to know what dimension of the free-standing corner solutions we should use since this depends on many factors: the weight of the equipment, wind load, where we are building the site and so on. But one call to MAFI and we usually have a fast answer back.” Recent years MAFI has removed some products from its portfolio, Robin has noticed. ”Yes, like a chimney bracket that we sometimes used. But, together with MAFI, we found another solution that works just as well.”

Opening hours during the holiday

In Sweden, we have customer and delivery services during all ordinary weekdays.
In the UK, we have customer services all days, except on bank holidays. However, there won’t be any delivery services from the 22nd of December until the 2nd of January.

Merry Christmas

and Happy New Year

Soon another year has gone by, and we take this opportunity to wish all our customers, partners and friends Happy Holidays!

At MAFI we are fortunate to have enjoyed twelve successful and eventful months.
This year we had our 25-year celebration. We also moved to a new, larger office and warehouse, where we have plenty of space to grow even further. And besides launching some new products, we have divided our business into two fields, MAFI StandardSolutions and MAFI Integrated Solutions, within which we design and produce tailor-made brackets that fully meet customer needs.
We hope that you as well had a good 2017 and that 2018 will be prosperous for you and your business.

This time of year we remember those in need. MAFI´s Christmas gift 2017 is sent to Save the Children. We hope our modest contribution will help children at war and to see that they might have a safe childhood.
Pierre Bengtsson, CEO

Emma wants to be the best in the world

“I want to be the best in the world. Time will tell if I have the capacity for it.”
The Swedish biathlete Emma Höglund has her goal clear, even though it is a few years ahead.
This season she hopes she does good results in the Swedish races and to be chosen to compete in an international competition.

Skis have always been a part of Emma´s life.
“I’ve been skiing since I could walk,” she said with a laugh. ”And when I was twelve, I started competing in biathlon.”
At the moment Emma is studying at Mitt University in Östersund, where she´s also training.
“I am doing independent courses,” she says. ”But from autumn 2018, I hope I can start with journalism, because I would like to work in media or communication.”

But, it’s training and competition that takes Emma’s most time. This year she will train about 650 hours, next year a 100 more. She has a trainer at the university and the Swedish Biathlon Federation who plan her training.
During the racing season, the exercise dose is reduced. In recent years Emma has had some difficulties not always managing top performance at the races.This year, one of her goals is to ”have a responsive, well-honed body” that can add a gear when needed. Despite this, her best merits are a silver medal in Junior Swedish Championship, another silver medal in Junior Swedish Championship men’s relay, and a bronze medal at Junior Swedish Championship at roller skis.
”Compared to my peers, I’m currently a better shooter than a skier,” she says. ”Racing ten to twelve kilometres, I´m about two minutes after the best skiers. But, I’m one of the faster and more solid shooters in Sweden, even counting the seniors.”

This means that on a 20-shoot race Emma usually only misses 3-4 shots. Consequently, she can perform an even competition even with the fastest skiers.
When asked, what’s driving her to train and compete, Emma thinks for a while before she answers:
”The feeling of crossing the finishing line, regardless if it’s a competition or a training session or when I´ve pushed my body to its limits. When racing, you think you’re dying, but being able to keep ahead, or to catch up, it’s a fabulous feeling that’s very hard to explain.”

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