MAFI News – May 2017

New, upgraded rafter bracket

The new rafter bracket has a simpler design and offers more possibilities for an optimal and secure

This solution is intended to provide a pole mount on to rafters or roof trusses for tubes of Ø60,3 to Ø114,3mm. It can be mounted directly onto the wooden structure using through-mounts with large square washers on the back. The kit consists of high-quality steel parts with hot dip galvanization treatment or from acid-proof stainless steel.

MAFI also supplies products like rubber roof flanges and top-hat pole covers for applications where
the spine pole penetrates the weatherproofing layers of the roof. The MAFI 3510 Rafter Bracket Kit is in stock and ready to be shipped.
Download the data sheet here (pdf)

Experience full scale sites at Ericsson’s Center of Excellence

“The interest in the Ericsson Centre of Excellence that recently opened in San Francisco is incredible!” Says Harri Huhtanen, placed at Ericsson Sweden, RnD, also supporting the company’s roll-outs in the United States.
“And since MAFI is one of our key suppliers, it’s natural that we include their products in this type of activity.”It is Ericsson USA that has built several Centre of Excellence around the country, including New Jersey and Dallas. The San Francisco centre opened in April. It includes classrooms for education and training and a large hall where masts can be climbed and where the antennas are attached. These centres are visited by solution architects and staff from authorised service providers.
“But above all, they are demo centres for our end customers, so they can see and learn more about how our solutions can be beneficial to them,” Harri says.

More Centre of Excellence are already planned to be built; soon there will be one in Seattle and one in Canada. MAFI´s products are also showcased in Dallas and will be shortly in New Jersey.
To showcase how different site solutions can be done, Ericsson is also showcasing its suppliers’ products, of which MAFI is one.
“Many of MAFI’s products are specified in Ericsson’s global product portfolio. Therefore, it is logical that we also showcase their solutions,” says Harri Huhtanen. ”It´s a strength for us to show that we build everything with a freestanding portfolio. We only need a free surface; then we can build a site.”
Harri tells us that Ericsson has a long and excellent collaboration with MAFI.
“We use MAFI for research and development for solutions tailored to our products,” he explains.

Each year, Ericsson organises a Knowledge Sharing Community in Bangkok to showcase their own and its suppliers’ solutions. Harri explains that MAFI is a “central player” even at these events.
“And,” he adds, “I can tell you that MAFI has been chosen to supply the brackets to Ericsson’s 5G radio system. We are already working with the new solutions together with MAFI´s engineers Jonas Wassdahl and Andreas Axelsson.”

A passion for economy

MAFI´s new CFO Andreas Pietilainen is passionate about economy.
”Yes,” he says, ”in this role, I get to cooperate with all departments of the company and with other members of staff, which is something I treasure.”Andreas Pietilainen started at MAFI on May the 2nd. He comes with the experience of being a CFO ten years at Åkerströms and as a controller and Chief Accounting Officer at Alfa Laval and Crane, three Swedish but international companies.

At MAFI Andreas will be in charge of both the finance and HR. He will also join the company´s management team.
”One thing I´ve already begun working with is to develop our financial follow-up, especially concerning our products,” he says.
Andreas chose MAFI since he finds it an interesting company.
”There are several exciting aspects with MAFI,” he continues. ”It´s an international company, it´s products and how they are developed, marketed, supplied and sold, the segment it´s working within and its significant potential to grow and develop further.

When Andreas has free time, he spends it on training youngsters, both at football and floor hockey.
”And when I have time for myself, I like to play golf in the summer and go downhill skiing in the winter.”>