MAFI News – July 2017

New CNC-mill gives better control of the workflow

When designing form pressed sheet metal products, the prototype stage usually consumes a lot of time.
To radically cut lead times when it comes to designing and manufacturing new form pressing tools or developing existing ones, MAFI has in the recent years made a range of investments in different development tools; the latest one is a CNC-mill.
”We are constantly in need of evolving our processes,” explains Andreas Axelsson, designer at MAFI. ”And one increasingly important part of this work is to find better and smarter solutions that make us more efficient.”

Until now MAFI has sent their CAD-models to sub-contractors for design and manufacturing of form pressing tools. But often it has taken very long time for MAFI to retrieve a workable result.
”Now we control the whole workflow,” Andreas says, ”and we are looking forward to cutting the lead time by up to 70 percent!”

Another advantage with the investment is that MAFI´s engineers will get a deeper understanding of what´s possible and what isn´t, and also what works better, already in the early phase of a new project.

Welcome to MAFI – celebrating 25 years

With our 25th anniversary coming up, we’re eager to show you where we work and live.
Regardless if you will attend the celebration or not, with this video (1 minute), we would like to wish you a happy summer: MAFI 25 years

Opening hours in July and August

Business as usual.

At MAFI we keep going and have business as usual throughout the summer months. Feel free to order what you need, when you need it, or to get in touch if you have any questions regarding our solutions!
We wish you a lovely summer!>