MAFI News – February

Securing MAFI´s quality standards

Since November last year samples of all fastener batches that are shipped out from Sweden are tested in MAFI´s new tensile tester in the warehouse in Mora, Sweden.

“We´re doing this in order to secure that they meet the quality standards that MAFI requires regarding yield strength and breaking point,” says John Rehnman. He is working in MAFI´s workshop in Mora, Sweden, and in charge of the testing.

The fasteners he is testing are bolts, nuts, and whole threaded rods, in the M8, M10, and M12 dimensions.
“Usually I randomly test one percent of the products we receive,” he says. ”But in larger batches, I normally test a smaller ratio.”

If he would find samples that don’t meet MAFI´s quality levels, the whole batch is red-flagged for further investigation.
“But,” John says with a smile, “that hasn’t happened yet.”
On the other hand, when a company MAFI hadn’t cooperated with yet, recently sent samples of their products, John tested them and it turned out that they didn’t meet the required quality levels.
John emphasizes that MAFI also previously has tested the fasteners it received on a regular basis.
“But we realized that we would gain quite some time in doing the tests ourselves instead of sending them away for testing,” John explains, “and we were also able to reduce some costs.”

He explains that the tensile tester, an Italian Galdabini Quasar 100, which can handle up to 100 kNewton, is very easy to handle. And, soon MAFI will also test bushing nuts in Mora.
“Yes,” says John, “we are currently working on a solution that will make it able for us to test the bushing nuts as well.”

The MAFI Academy Showroom —
beneficial solutions displayed

At The MAFI Academy Showroom in Mora, Sweden, we display a wide variety of our assembled products.

The showroom gives our partners and customers a substantial understanding of how MAFI´s solutions are mounted, installed, and used.
We use the showroom for multiple purposes. When we introduce MAFI as a new supplier to a potential customer, we give them an idea about what MAFI does and how we can support their business. Additionally, we use the showroom for any discussion regarding the product details. And we also use it for the training of the new employees.
Welcome to visit The MAFI Academy Showroom!


Growing fast to meet the demand Part I

Tony Lane — The Captain who challenges and trusts his staff

MAFI US is growing fast in the North and Central American telecom markets to meet the increasing interest in and demand for its solutions. Every one of the staff members has unique qualifications, but they also gladly dive into any task that needs dealing with.
In this newsletter, we present three of staff, and in the March issue, we´ll tell you more about the remaining three.

“As a growing company, we describe ourselves as wearing many hats,” says Tony Lane, VP Americas. “Sometimes a day is filled with changing these hats often, and other times we wear multiple hats at one time.”
Tony wears the Captain’s hat, whether he is in the office or enjoying lake life on his boat. MAFI US can contribute its success to Tony’s leadership and guidance. Tony has had extensive experience in every facet of the business, making him the perfect person to drive the MAFI US ship.
“I challenge and trust all employees to be their best and grow their knowledge and skillsets,” he explains.

Tony has brought together a unique group of individuals that complement each other and the company.
“I aim to develop a positive and collaborative working environment and never miss an opportunity to tell each of us how thankful I am for everything they do.”
Tony is the epitome of cool, calm, and collected. He has a clear vision for this company that aligns with the global MAFI team and is committed to its goals.
He manages global relations, both internally and externally, with suppliers, distributors, and customers. Tony is a trusted and respected leader by his colleagues at all levels.
Tony stays quite busy both in his home life and work-life! His absolute favorite restaurant is Chili’s. Luckily, there is a location right around the corner from the Houston office, and he is always excited to treat any visitors and his team to a Chili’s meal!

“I challenge and trust all employees to be their best and grow their knowledge and skillsets.”
Tony Lane, VP Americas

Ajdoan — Heading up the US sales efforts

Ajdoan Muliqi, Sales Manager Americas, is the newest face in the Texas office, but the US team has been working with him virtually for months.

“My family and I have recently relocated to the United States from Sweden, where I´ve learned about MAFI’s values, products, and sales strategies before moving here to head up the sales efforts in the US,” he says.
While the pandemic may have delayed his physical move to the US, it´s been possible to build on the team relationship through Team meetings over the internet. His transition into the office has been smooth, even if he made a huge mess of the coffee machine the first day.
Ajdoan has proved himself to be a team player like he was in Sweden, where he often was willing to pitch in to help in the warehouse or whatever was needed.

Catherine — holding MAFI US together

Sales Operations Manager Catherine Roadcap continuously wears multiple hats every day.
“Since I am the purchasing and inventory management specialist, as well as the inside sales and customer service representative at MAFI US, lots of hats are required,” she says with a smile

If anyone has a question in the office, Catherine has a spreadsheet for that. She buys all the bolts and screws needed to make all the brackets she has forecasted to be sold.
MAFI US is held together by her organizational skills, and the office looks good because she has design skills too. Catherine’s accomplishments not only include running the supply chain but also running the trails. During the pandemic, the Disney marathons Catherine had signed up for were turned into virtual events. Despite taking part in virtual marathons, those were authentic miles ran.