MAFI News – April 2017

Production in Mexico is up and running

At the end of April, the first RRU-brackets, designed by MAFI, will be shipped from Vallen´s facility in Mexico.
”Yes, the first batch is soon ready to go, and we have many eager customers all over the Americas waiting to order them,” says Magnus Lindh, Purchasing and Logistics Manager at MAFI.”Now we can reduce both delivery time and environmental impact,” Magnus Lindh explains.
The brackets will be delivered by Vallen´s Mexican hub, but also to Vallen in Texas, United States, for deliveries in North America. Vallen is part of the Sonepar group, and MAFI’s partner and distributor in the Americas.
”We have a strong focus on quality,” Magnus Lindh continues. ”Therefore we have sent samples to Sweden to make sure that they match acquired standards.”

UK Broadband:
”MAFI supplies a product that does everything we need”

”Since easy and fast deployment reduces the time to build the sites, we can also see that this is a cost efficient solution for us,” Jim continues.
He knows this from his personal experience as he has been working with MAFI´s solutions since the Swedish company first made its entrance into the British telecom market about six years ago.
”Besides having products that are right for us, MAFI is a reliable supplier. And when something unforeseen happens, and we rapidly need to complement some details, there is never a long wait for their products. Usually, when we order them one day, we´ll have them delivered the next.”

Jim also appreciates MAFI´s advice and technical support.
”Yes, it´s excellent! Whenever we need support for a particular job, we are very well supported by Nigel Topp who swiftly comes back to our questions with a solution or helpful advice.”

Currently UK Broadband is building about ten new rooftop sites every month, mostly in London and some in Swindon.
”Most of these new sites, I´d say nine out of ten, has a standard design of three antenna mounts and one cabinet stand,” explains Jim.

For most of these sites UK Broadband uses MAFI´s freestanding corner mounts (the 4600 series), 3×3 and 4×4, but sometimes also the 2×2, and the adjustable cabinet platform (the 8050 series).
When asked what could be better with MAFI Jim McCready is silent for a while before he answers:
”I can´t think of much. MAFI supplies a very straightforward product that does everything we need at the moment.”

Production in Mexico is up and running

Mora’s floorball team is the second best in Sweden.
In the finals one week ago, the team, Kais Mora, lost to Iksu.
”Being among the best teams in Sweden is amazing, considering that Mora, with only 20,000 inhabitants, is competing against the teams in our metropolitan areas,” says Peter Wallin, Club Manager.
Kais Mora has a history dating back to the early 1980s. Floorball had recently been introduced in Sweden, and Mora soon started two clubs, which through its rivalry, among other things, developed into some of the country’s best. In 2004, they joined under the name Kais Mora.
Peter Wallin has been in the club since the start. First as an active player, and one of those who led the club, and since 2016 as the club’s first Club Manager.
”Innebandy is a basically simple sport to practice,” he says. ”You only need a pair of shoes, sweaters, pants, a stick and a ball. It’s a fast, fun sport that requires good fitness and quick thinking.”

Many young players, both men and women, and success has led to the fact that Kais Mora since the 1990s belonged to Sweden’s, and sometimes, Europe’s top team. The biggest successeshave been achieved by the club’s ladies. By 2015 they won the highest league, and this year, as mentioned, they came second.
On the men’s side, there has been some Swedish Championship gold won by the juniors, but it´s a big step to go from playing as a junior to a senior. On two occasions the men have been up in the highest series.
”But the competition is fierce, and after just one season we fell back to the lower series again. It takes an enormous effort to train and attitude to go all the way. Although we are not currently on top of the men’s side, we are proud of the fact that there are many players from Mora who are successful in other teams,” says Peter Wallin.

Kais Mora currently has about 500 active employees from 5 up to 50 years.
A regular match when the ladies are playing has about 350 spectators. However, at one of the semifinal games in April, the club borrowed the ice hockey team’s arena, and then a new audience record was set with 3 128 spectators, in a match that was won.
”Now we’re aiming for the ladies to be on the top, preferably winning in 2018. But equally important is that we continue to build both width and elite. And that we strengthen our organisation, and that we have a long-term stable economy.”>