MAFI Group goes electric

Emma Haltorp, working in the MAFI Group Warehouse i Mora,by the new electric truck, the latest addition to the company´s fossil-free vehicles.

Now MAFI Europe drives an electric truck to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. -It is line with our goals that all vehicles should be fossil-free by the end of 2023, says Per Tägtström ,CTO

MAFI Group already bought its first electric car 2016. Today, all of the company´s vehicles in MAFI Europe are either hydrides or electric. The electric truck will be used in Mora with areas, as this is where MAFI Group has one of the Europen offices and one of its global logistics centers. –We choose fossil-free alternatives because it is a way for us to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, says Per.

“And we have it in the company´s DNA that we should do everything we can to make our planet a better place, so that it can be a good place to live for the future generations as well.”