Freestanding solutions

We wouldn’t be complete without a number of freestanding solutions. We offer products ranging from the adjustable cabinet platform to different kinds of free-standing poles. Sometimes it is more suitable to choose a free-standing structure to mount telecom equipment on, for example when you don’t want to cause any damage to a building.

Here at MAFI we deliver steel structure products of high quality all over the world. Our products, including of course our freestanding solutions, have been thoughtfully worked on by us from idea to finished product. Every component has been optimised and tested and refined as prototypes. It is important for us to get it right and leave nothing to chance.

Since we started in 1992, we have gained a lot of experience in our field, delivering over 10 000 towers and antenna mounting equipment to more than 100 000 sites. Our hard work on intelligent solutions and fast deliveries has paid off, and we can proudly say that we now play a very important role on the telecom market, being leading in Scandinavia. Our customers are both small and large companies, so don’t hesitate to contact us!

Reliable freestanding solutions

Let our freestanding solutions help you in your business! With high quality in mind, we make sure that we get everything right from the start for our customers. We have done a lot of work to achieve an extremely high degree of reliability. Should there be any complaints, we deal with them without delay. While all this happens, we continuously work on improving ourselves. On top of this we also meet all government requirements for our products and working methods.

One example is the environment, that we work to care for in any way we can. Among other methods, we recycle and use eco-labelled materials. You can read more about us and our working methods when making our freestanding solutions at

Freestanding solutions

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