Faster and easier with a webbshop account

Keep track of your purchases with a webshop account
Having an account on MAFI Group´s webshop facilitates purchasing and keeping track of everything from what has been bought to current and previous invoices.”There are two ways of buying products from our webshop,” says Victor Bengtsson, Sales Manager of the UK, Nordic and Baltic.
”You can visit our open webshop, go through what you need and email your list to us. The other way is to create an account at MAFI Group, and enter the webshop with your username and password.”
With a username, all quotations and prices are shown, and as items are put into the basket, the total sum is continuously updated. When all items are in the basket, the order is sent with a simple click.
”All orders are checked manually,” Victor continues, ”and during office hours, this is normally done within 30 minutes after the order is sent.”
Creating a username is easy, and a company can have several.
”If you’re interested and want to have a webshop account, please get in touch with your regional sales representative,” Victor says. An account is usually set up within one working day.Please click here to find your regional sales representative:
Above: When logged on to MAFI Group´s webshop you have your prices available on all products. With one click you can ad the number of products into your basket to order.
Above: In your personal account, you have access to your open orders, quotations, invoices, and order statistics

Prestigieous Ericsson award to MAFI Group

”We are excited to announce that Ericsson has awarded MAFI Group the ´Global Supplier Resilience Award 2021´,” says Kent Hansson, acting CEO for MAFI Group.
This recognition is owing to MAFI Group’s continuous support of Ericsson by building a world-class global manufacturing and logistics network to mitigate supply chain and geopolitical risks.
Additionally, MAFI Group was one out of three global suppliers nominated for the 2021 ´Global Supplier of the Year´, with the following motivation:
All-round exceptional support and delivery, establishing new production sites for Ericsson and supporting R&D needs through innovative technologies.
”We are proud of our MAFI Group team, and we thank Ericsson for recognizing us as a world-class supplier with the ´Global Supplier Resiliency Award 2021´,” says Kent Hansson.

Do a virtual tour in the MAFI Academy Park

With MAFI Academy Park, MAFI Group´s solutions can be showed and explained in a live-stream event for viewers from anywhere in the world.
Or do a virtual tour in the park by clicking here.

Do a virtual tour in our Academy Park, and examples of sites in a 3D picture. Click on the camera icons and look closer on offsets, freestanders, brackets, wall brackets, and other solutions MAFI Group offers.

In our popular webinars, MAFI Group´s staff demonstrates the products and the participant’s questions are answered. Current and potential customers will have sufficient information to purchase what they need, without the need of traveling.
At the MAFI Academy Park, there are seven demo sites, ranging from utility poles, and wall mounts to various freestanding solutions.
The webinars are held in English, German, Spanish, Mandarin, Swedish and Albanian.
If you would like to book a webinar, please contact the MAFI VP for your region:

Africa and Middle East: Jan Sandén,
Americas: Tony Lane,
Asia: Andy Zhao,
Europe: Andreas Persson,