ESICS – A game changer in site design

MAFIGROUP is launching ESICS, a new tool for site design.

”I am convinced that it will revolutionize the lives of all those who work with site design,” says CEO Pierre Bengtsson.

ESICS stands for Enhanced Site Innovation and Calculation System, or what has already begun to be called “The Bracket Checker.”
Pierre Bengtsson explains its benefits:
”It is an extremely efficient tool that simplifies complex calculations. Based on a wide range of parameters such as equipment size and weight, wind load, and much more, it quickly calculates which brackets and other steelwork kits are required to design or upgrade a safe telecom site.”

In every roll-out, and also when more equipment is added to current sites, the total weight and wind load increase. The importance of keeping the sites safe and making sure that equipment will not fall into the street is of monumental significance, and thus also is making proper structural calculations.

However, every site is unique, and calculating each one by traditional methods takes time, especially when you also need to consider the wind conditions at the site.

”It is an extremely efficient tool that simplifies complex calculations based on a wide range of parameters.
MAFI Group´s new business area

ESICS lets you make an accurate automated calculation in just a few minutes. You simply put the site’s data into the App and add the location and height above ground. ESICS then takes local wind and topographical conditions into account and automatically calculates the 1 in 50-year peak wind pressure in all directions.

When all parameters are in the system, ESICS will suggest which poles, brackets, and other equipment you need to use.
”You can use ESICS to apply rigorous structural and wind analysis to find the most efficient FEA-analysed, physically tested, and CE-certified MAFI products appropriate for this application the site,” Pierre Bengtsson explains.
Once the site is finished, you can save it and download a pdf with loads of useful information about the site.

And, as a bonus, next time you need to add equipment to that particular site, a large portion of the work required to make new calculations is already done.

” ESICS is a game-changer,” says Pierre Bengtsson,” and it’s already available in the UK, Ireland, Denmark, Norway, and Sweden, and the US is next in line. As the demand is enormous, we’re working intensively to add all our markets.”

There is a lot to tell about ESICS, and you are welcome to for more information.

Xiomara Anguiano – New Supply Chain Specialist in the US
”It is important that we are adaptable.”

“Keeping customers happy is always what I aim for,” says Xiomara Anguiano, recently hired Supply Chain Specialist at MAFI Group USA.

Since May, Xiomara has been at the US office in Lewisville, not far from Dallas, Texas. Before that, she had in different service-oriented employments.
“I was thrilled to get the opportunity to work for MAFI,” Xiomara says.” It’s a new field for me, and I have learned a lot, which I find very enjoyable.”

An ordinary day for Xiomara may include placing orders, keeping track of orders, negotiate with suppliers, facilitate operations for the sales department, and keeping track of incoming and outgoing goods from the warehouse.
“I never have a dull day,” she says with a big smile.
When asked what customers expect from her, she thinks for a second and replies:
“I think consistency and dependability. But also the ability to adapt. Sometimes things happen, and we can’t do it as planned, then we need to make new plans and fix whatever needs fixing quickly. But that doesn’t just apply to me, but everyone at MAFI’s.
“Still, even when we need to fix things, I like to be creative and solve everything to our customers’ benefit. And I’ve learned that there is always a solution.”

Xiomara is originally from Forth Worth, also in Dallas. When she’s off work, she likes to spend time with her three dogs, two chihuahuas, and one Australian cattle dog.
” Yes, I’m a real ‘dog mom’,” she says and smiles.” I love spending time with them, like taking them on hikes or watch movies. I also like to cook, and although I’m not great at it, I recently tried making Swedish meatballs, and I loved them!”

Do a virtual tour in the MAFI Academy Park

In MAFI Group´s Academy Park you can do a virtual tour, and look closer on all interesting solutions by clicking the camera icons.

With MAFI Academy Park, MAFI Group´s solutions can be showed and explained in a live-stream event for viewers from anywhere in the world.
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Do a virtual tour in our Academy Park, and examples of sites in a 3D picture. Click on the camera icons and look closer on offsets, freestanders, brackets, wall brackets, and other solutions MAFI Group offers.

In our popular webinars, MAFI Group´s staff demonstrates the products and the participant’s questions are answered. Current and potential customers will have sufficient information to purchase what they need, without the need of traveling.
At the MAFI Academy Park, there are seven demo sites, ranging from utility poles, and wall mounts to various freestanding solutions.
The webinars are held in English, German, Spanish, Mandarin, Swedish and Albanian.
If you would like to book a webinar, please contact the MAFI VP for your region:

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