ERS bracket

Are you searching for the perfect ERS bracket? Here at MAFI we have made it our business to make our customers reach higher with a little help from our vast amount of collected knowledge. We can guarantee the highest imaginable quality of our work and products. This we have made sure through a lot of hard work when developing our company. The quality policy we base everything we do on is simple. The goal is to get everything right from the start. To do this we have developed an extremely high degree of reliability, and we deal with complaints without delay. Needless to say, we have made sure to meet all government requirements. While all this happens, we continuously work on improving ourselves.

We are very thorough when we produce our ERS bracket, and the quality comes from us controlling every step in the making of our products. You might also think it’s important to get your steelwork solutions from a company that cares about the environment. We work to reduce negative impact on the environment by recycling an using eco-labelled materials. And also by adapting our working methods and considering the environment during shipments. Read more about us on

A lot of work behind the ERS bracket

Since our start in 1992, we have done a lot of work delivering over 10 000 towers and antenna mounting equipment to more than 100 000 sites. This has given us much experience to use in future projects. Our customers are both small and large companies, many in need of the ERS bracket. Our hard work on intelligent solutions and fast deliveries has paid off as we are now the market leader in Scandinavia.

Every new design we make follows certain guidelines. We want a kit to be easy to assemble, and have clear instructions. For efficient storage and transport they are packed as small as possible. And for easy handling we want to make the product as light as possible. We dare say we have thought of everything in the making of the best ERS bracket. Don’t hesitate to contact us today!

ERS bracket

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