MAFI’s collaboration with Optilon

MAFI welcomes emerging growth with the help from Optilon

MAFI, The Scandinavian market leader in the antenna and support engineering, teams up with Optilon, the independent Nordic supply chain advisor, to support MAFI’s projected growth.

“It is important that we are fully prepared in order to keep up with our predicted growth, and that’s why this project is so important. By gaining a centralized decision-making process that helps us forecast and control all material flows, we can remain efficient and responsive despite the global expansion.” – Carin Werkmästar, Chief Supply Chain Officer, MAFI Group.

The joint journey includes a key implementation of an enhanced process for supply and demand planning. The process is supported by world-leading supply chain technology*. Some of the improved planning capabilities that MAFI will gain are the following:

A partial driver for MAFI’s growth is the construction of the emerging 5G networks. Optilon is proud to be a part of MAFI’s journey and the creation of future networks that will be a key enabler for the future connected community and industry 4.0 among other significant digital concepts.

About Mafi

MAFI Group is an engineering company that designs, develops and sells infrastructure solutions to the telecom sector worldwide. MAFI was founded in 1992 and has played a vital role in helping operators and vendors to build thousands of telecom sites.

About Optilon

Optilon focuses on helping their customers utilize their resources where they generate the most value. We are a company founded by engineers, that combines world-leading technology with Nordic expertise in Supply Chain.

Optilon was founded in 2005 and is today active throughout the Nordic region with offices in Sweden, Denmark and Finland. Since the beginning, Optilon has completed over 500 projects, and currently employ close to 50 people.

*SO99+ by Optilon’s trusted partner ToolsGroup