Who we are

MAFI was founded in 1992 and is a global leader in design and development of mounting solutions. The companies core business is in the telecom industry and has played a vital role through the years helping operators and vendors build thousands of telecom sites across the globe. MAFI is today active in various industries and has presence in Americas, Europe, Africa-Middle East and Asia.

Why a partnership with MAFI adds value.

The Challenges in Site Projects

  • More antennas
  • Larger antennas
  • Heavier antennas
  • More radios
  • More cabinets

All above will increase the complexity at each site… and do it quickly, at a lower cost with less carbon footprint while maintaining safety and adhering to regular demands.

MAFI Solutions meets the Challenges

  • Unique Digital Services (ESICS) combines site calculation, geo position and wind effects to deliver exact specifications for the mounting needs at each site (1. No human error, faster roll-out and the exactly right products with optimal weight, 2. Creates traceability for each project, to reduce costs for continues servicing of existing sites)
  • Engineering design capabilities creates multi-purpose-use of our components with less weight that are easier to install

  • Steel-based components with a high degree of smartness supports higher loads & reduces carbon footprint

  • Superior delivery performance ensure faster rollouts and improved project efficiency

All above reduces cost of ownership*

*(MAFI estimates a 25-30% cost reduction over a site’s lifetime)

MAFI Reduces Risks in Site Projects .

Regulatory- MAFI’s exact specifications minimize risks

  • Reduced risk of overload on existing structures
  • No antennas losing the position, e.g. no need for risky and costly climbing
  • All calculations and specifications tested and verified
  • EN 1090 (EU) & TIA-222/5053 (US)

Security & Safety for the site is taken care of when using MAFI products

  • All products are FEA- analyzed (micro detail analyzed for strength), verified by mechanical testing, pre-calculated and have a performance setting for weight, wind load and rotational slip
  • Digital services (ESICS) avoids human error, optimises installations to position, wind and the equipment to be mounted = speed and safety
  • All offset products tested and verified for a man-load up to 160 kg

Improved functionality

  • Digitally calculated specifications for sites reduces risk for human error

  • Fewer parts with lower weight that arrives in a flat pack (some products are pre-assembled), and are easier to install

  • Universal mounting solution that fits more objects (e.g. fewer parts needed)

Aftermarket risks reduced

  • Correct specification prevent rotational slip in the original installation which reduces need for additional site service

  • Each site service visit involves climbing risks & costs

  • Longer lifetime due to high corrosion resistance

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