MAFI Athletic Partners

Through MAFI Athletic Partners, we support young talents and associations both locally and nationally.


Emma Höglund

I´m 23 years and come from Mora but currently live in Östersund where I compete in biathlon. I have been at elite level in biathlon for 7 years and have experienced both successes and adversities. I have a number of Junior Championships medals and advanced placements during junior season. Now I enter my second year as a senior and leave two tough years behind me with over training and training reduction. I am now fully restored and aim to develop and take bigger steps for this season. A concrete goal for the coming season is to increase my hit percentage in shooting. When I’m not training I study sports science and work extra as a reporter at SVT.

Alpine skiing

Alexandra Bauer

My name is Alexandra Bauer and I compete in alpine skiing. Out of my 22 years in life, I have, so far, spent 16 years in the race suit. Currently, I attend Ski University in Åre and study economics at Mid Sweden University.

I will start my fourth year at Ski University and enter my second year as Åre-bo, as well as my fourth year as Jämtlands-bo. I like exercise in all its forms, have a great interest in food, enjoy being out in the mountains and enjoy spending free time with loved ones. Please keep your thumbs up for my upcoming season!


Mora Golfklubb

Mora Golf Club was formed in 1980. Five years later, the course was inaugurated and has since hosted countless competitions and events. Located almost in the centre of Mora it is easy to access. In 2013, Mora GK was named Sweden’s best golf club by the organization Golfhäftet.

MAFI Active Club

In MAFI Active Club, we want to emphasize the importance of physical activity for our employees. It does not matter what you do, there is no need to aim for top results in a race. You can jog, walk, play golf, ski, or do whatever you like. MAFI supports its employees and facilitates participation in physical activities with different kinds of support. It is the people that makes the company and MAFI cares about its people!