MAFI Athletic Partners

Through MAFI Athletic Partners, we support young talents and associations both locally and nationally.


Mora Golfklubb

Mora Golf Club was formed in 1980. Five years later, the course was inaugurated and has since hosted countless competitions and events. Located almost in the centre of Mora it is easy to access. In 2013, Mora GK was named Sweden’s best golf club by the organization Golfhäftet.

Mora Biathlon

Mora Biathlon is a growing club with a newly inaugurated arena in Hemus,Mora.

Kais Mora Innebandy

Kais Mora 

Kais Mora was formed in 2004, when the two floorball associations Kristinebergs AIS and Mora IBK joined forces. There are 500 members and it is one of the countries most respected clubs due to the fine performances at both elite and junior/youth level.

Hello Sweden

Hello Sweden is a unique network that supports young swedish talents in their strive for success.

“When companies from different industries get togheter opens new possibilities for cooperation, development and business.”

Mora IK

Mora IK, A Ice Hockey Club that was founded 1935. The club has large youth and junior activity beside men and women´s team.

MAFI Active Club

iIn MAFI Active Club, we want to emphasize the importance of physical activity for our employees. It does not matter what you do, there is no need to aim for top results in a race. You can jog, walk, play golf, ski, or do whatever you like. MAFI supports its employees and facilitates participation in physical activities with different kinds of support. It is the people that makes the company and MAFI cares about its people!